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Meet OVO’s Next Generation, OB O’Brien & Jimmy Johnson [Feature ]

In case you were wondering, my birthday is October 5. So basically, not only do I have the most popular birthday, but it also means I get to be a part of Drake's OVO crew. Everybody and their grandmother knows who Drake is,... Read More

Jimmy Johnson - Northside Artwork

Jimmy Johnson - Northside [Stream & Download]

Jimmy Johnson‘s got love for every square inch of his native Toronto, but he’ll always have a special affection for his home turf, the Northside. Fresh off earning reader acclaim for late April’s Sun Goes... Read More

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Jimmy Johnson - Sun Goes Down Artwork

Jimmy Johnson - Sun Goes Down [Stream & Download]

After living through the 90’s, I thought that the only notable occurrences at night were Gargoyles coming alive and vampires roaming the dark skies. Well OVO‘s Jimmy Johnson is here to add to that list. In the... Read More

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Jimmy Johnson - PRAY Artwork

Jimmy Johnson - PRAY [Stream & Download]

Earlier this afternoon, we heard KaliRaps pray for his enemies on a newly-released single. Turns out he ain’t the only rapper getting down on his knees today. Jimmy Johnson, the latest addition to Drake‘s OVO... Read More

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