Jay Cue - Best New Songs, Albums, & Features

Listen to the best new songs and albums from Jay Cue as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on August 05, 2013

Jay Cue - Visions of Utopia Cover
Artist: Jay Cue
To celebrate the release of his Potholes Music debut album Visions of Utopia, San Mateo rapper, singer/songwriter and producer Jay Cue is offering the project up for free, exclusive streaming via The DJBooth. The album packs... More
Posted one year ago
Jay Cue ft. Pyramid Vritra - GPS Artwork
Artist: Jay Cue
Song: GPS
Is Booth newcomer Jay Cue a rapper, an R&B singer/songwriter or a beatsmith? To quote the name of the up-and-comer’s musical collective, Nobody Really Knows, but the breadth of his talents is undeniably impressive.... More
Posted one year ago
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