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About a month ago the internet got its collective headphones in a bunch when a bootleg version of Reflection Eternal’s new track Just Begun leaked, so I can only imagine the reaction now that we’ve been blessed with the... More
Posted 4 years ago
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Artist: J. Blue
Featuring: Rick Ross
“Hustling,” whether legit or illegal, is a favorite topic of almost all urban artists.  How the money is spent is where the gap widens—while many blow their cash on frivolous luxuries, the more... More
Posted 5 years ago
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Artist: J. Blue
Featuring: Snoop Dogg
Club bangers are standard fare in R&B and hip-hop; they top the Billboard charts with regularity, blaze the clubs, and get everyone moving. What distinguishes one up-tempo single from another? High-profile collaborators... More
Posted 6 years ago