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ILLUS & ICBM - Behind the Mask Cover
Artist: Illus
In anticipation of the project's retail release on Tuesday, September 2, Connecticut rhymesayer ILLUS and French beatsmith ICBM are offering up their Behind the Mask LP for full, free streaming exclusively in The DJBooth.... More
Posted about 4 weeks ago
Illus Pic
Artist: Illus
Featuring: Eternia
Despite what certain rappers would have you believe, even the poorest neighborhoods in the country are made up of more than just pimps, prostitutes, gangsters and drug dealers—as Illus reminds us, the vast majority are... More
Posted 3 years ago
Illus ft. Gift Of Gab & Paul Dateh - Better Artwork
Artist: Illus
Featuring: Gift of Gab
Song: Better
It’s one of the oldest clichés in the book (even older than the “oldest [blank] in the book” cliché), but it’s true: however bad you’ve got it, there’s someone out there worse off. For a vivid... More
Posted 3 years ago