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HiPNOTT Records: 25 To Life Cover
Album: 25 to Life
After recently celebrating their 25th official album release, independent label HiPNOTT Records assembles its finest singles from their catalog in this new compilation album, 25 To Life. Featuring material released throughout... More
Posted one year ago
HiPNOTT Records 2010 Takeover - Volume 1 Cover

HiPNOTT Records 2010 Takeover - Volume 1

Kevin Nottingham, of KevinNottingham.com’s notoriety, introduces his record label HiPNOTT Records’ latest musical endeavor. Through a partnership with HipHopDX, HiPNOTT is slated to release the first volume of a two-part... More
Posted 5 years ago
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