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Goldyard ft. Mo Green - Briknik Artwork
Artist: Goldyard
Song: Briknik
On their last feature, the misleadingly-titled Golden Eye, Goldyard informed listeners that they were Ray Charles when it came to anything except green. Freshly-minted follow-up Briknik, another Booth-exclusive world... More
Posted one week ago
Goldyard ft. Big Face Paper Gang - Golden Eye Artwork
Artist: Goldyard
Though The DJBooth hosted Goldyard‘s debut EP when it dropped in January, we still haven’t posted a proper audio feature from the ATL trio. The f**k is up with that? To answer my own question, I have no... More
Posted 3 weeks ago
Goldyard - F**k Culture EP Cover
Artist: Goldyard
In an industry that is full of followers, Atlanta trio Goldyard strive to stand out from their competition. Their message to the masses? F**k Culture. In the first part of a series of three EP releases, emcees A.T. and... More
Posted 8 months ago