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GhostWridah - Long Way Home Artwork

GhostWridah - Long Way Home [Stream]

With the uproar after the verdict was announced during the George Zimmerman trial, timing could not have been more fitting for Miami native and DJBooth regular, GhostWridah, to release his latest cut, Long Way Home. The... Read More

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Ghostwridah - Buckets Artwork

Ghostwridah - Buckets [Stream]

Still haven’t checked out Ghostwridah‘s latest street album, released at the top of June? Frankly, I can’t imagine why. Whether you simply forgot about it or the previous singles off the set (All Star... Read More

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GhostWridah - Flu Game LP Cover

GhostWridah - Flu Game LP [Album]

GhostWridah, the artist who brought us previous releases In Love With My Future, American Alien and Downtown Lights, has returned to The DJBooth with the Michael Jordan-inspired Flu Game, his fourth free album in the past... Read More

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GhostWridah - Prescription Artwork

GhostWridah - Prescription [Stream]

I’m not a licensed medical professional but, if you’re suffering from a lack of quality beats and rhymes, I can confidently say that GhostWridah‘s latest effort will be just what the doctor ordered.... Read More

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GhostWridah - All-Star Weekend Artwork

GhostWridah - All-Star Weekend [Stream & Download]

This past weekend, NBA ballers and hoop fanatics congregated in Houston, Texas for three days of partying and showing out—with a little basketball on the side. While All-Star Weekend, the newly-released lead single off... Read More

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GhostWridah - Born Free Artwork

GhostWridah - Born Free [Stream & Download]

Are we Born Free, or does autonomy come with a price? As with so many of life’s burning questions, it depends entirely on who you are and how you look at it. GhostWridah, for one, is keeping all his bases... Read More

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GhostWridah - I’m Cold Artwork

GhostWridah - I’m Cold [Stream & Download]

At the time of my writing this, the temperature’s hovering around 90 degrees in GhostWridah‘s native Miami. So, why’s he shivering on his latest feature? Take a listen to I’m Cold and hear for... Read More

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GhostWridah ft. Billy Blue - Mic Freak Artwork

GhostWridah ft. Billy Blue - Mic Freak [Stream & Download]

As an emcee so skilled that he can spit a dope verse with his Eyes Closed (as he boasted in his last feature), it stands to reason that GhostWridah would be a magnet for women attracted to lyrical excellence. On a brand new... Read More

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GhostWridah Pic

GhostWridah - Eyes Closed [Stream]

Just how good is GhostWridah at this rap sh*t? Let’s just say he could rock the mic with his Eyes Closed. Which, granted, isn’t exactly impressive as winning the Indy 500 with your eyes closed, or destroying the... Read More

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GhostWridah - Raise It Up Artwork

GhostWridah - Raise It Up [Stream & Download]

Whether you’re sipping on a strawberry-kiwi Capri Sun or enjoying a glass of champagne, Miami emcee GhostWridah wants you to Raise It Up in his honor. Serving as Ghost’s first solo feature since the release of... Read More

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Prote-J ft. GhostWridah - All of the Lies Artwork

Prote-J ft. GhostWridah - All of the Lies [Stream & Download]

Emcee/producer Prote-J’s new single, All of the Lies, interestingly flips Kanye’s famous All of the Lights, depicting the harsh realities of the modern hip-hop industry, plagued by TMZ, Twitter, and storytellers who... Read More

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GhostWridah - Downtown Lights 2.0 Cover

GhostWridah - Downtown Lights 2.0 [Album]

In May, Booth fave GhostWridah released Downtown Lights, his third project in the last three years (see American Alien and In Love With My Future). Now, roughly two months later, the Miami native has... Read More