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Gangrene - Vodka & Ayahuasca Cover
Artist: Gangrene
I say this with all due respect, and with a healthy amount of fear, but The Alchemist is the Forrest Gump of hip-hop. Not in the sense that he loves chocolates (although he might) or wore leg braces (I’m like 99% sure he... More
Posted 2 years ago
Gangrene Pic

The Alchemist + Oh No (Gangrene) - Vodka & Ayahuasca

Official video from psychedelic gutter rap maestros The Alchemist + Oh No (Gangrene), title track Vodka & Ayahuasca is yet another Jason Goldwatch found footage classic that takes a U-Haul for a spin. Be sure to look out... More
Posted 2 years ago
Gangrene ft. Roc Marciano - Drink Up Artwork
Artist: Gangrene
Featuring: Roc Marciano
As you’d expect from a group that calls itself Gangrene, the music that’s come from The Alchemist and Oh No‘s joint efforts has been darker than a black hole and dirtier than Gutter Water. But on new single Drink Up... More
Posted 2 years ago
Gangrene (Alchemist x Oh No) ft. Prodigy - Dump Truck Artwork
Artist: Gangrene
Featuring: Prodigy
Gangrene‘s debut album, Gutter Water, may not have sounded too appetizing, but the project itself was so dope that heads everywhere were left thirsty for more. Today, The Alchemist and Oh No return with the lead single... More
Posted 3 years ago
Gangrene Pic
Artist: Gangrene
Featuring: Raekwon
Hip-hop has a long history of flipping words with negative connotations into positives, but I wouldn’t in a million years have expected a hip-hop act to attempt to rehabilitate “Gangrene.” If any two men could make... More
Posted 4 years ago
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