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Futuristic ft. Kara Revesz - Kill Us Both Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
While much of the East Coast suffers from the frozen grip of winter like a partially deflated football in Tom Brady’s throwing hand, on Kill Us Both Futuristic reminds us that warmer weather can be reached, at least through... More
Posted 3 days ago
Sean Brown ft. Futuristic - Going Through It Artwork
Artist: Sean Brown
Featuring: Futuristic
Sean Brown‘s been Going Through It lately—and by “it,” I mean a frustrating cocktail of professional, social, romantic and financial strife. Rather than visiting a therapist (He is broke, after all.), he decided... More
Posted 3 months ago
Futuristic - No Way Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
Song: No Way
Nearly half a year after showing off his Dirty Chucks on his last feature, Futuristic returns to feed his hungry fanbase with a fresh promo single. Featured along with some off-the-cuff visuals by Jakob Owens, this cut finds... More
Posted 4 months ago
Editor's Pick
Futuristic - Dirty Chucks Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
With a name like Futuristic, you might be expecting something that sounds, well, futuristic, but the artist’s latest single is as old-school as a pair of Dirty Chucks. To craft a beat like the one on display here, one... More
Posted 10 months ago
Futuristic Pic
Artist: Kato
Sometimes, excessive features are used to cover up some sort of shortcoming in a song. Sometimes, however, a beat is just so damn epic, it deserves a few extra emcees. The latter is clearly the case with Kato‘s Day 1... More
Posted one year ago
Futuristic ft. Brielle Marie - Day By Day Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
Featuring: Brielle Marie
Given his stage name, you might assume that Futuristic had his life planned out for years, if not decades to come, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. On his latest single, the Bloomington, Illinois... More
Posted one year ago
Futuristic - TGIF Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
Song: TGIF
It may be Monday morning, but that doesn’t stop a certain Arizona rhymesayer from shouting “TGIF!” on his latest single. (If you haven’t guessed, that stands for “Thank God I’m Futuristic.”) AKT... More
Posted one year ago
Futuristic ft. Dizzy Wright - In the Rain Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
Featuring: Dizzy Wright
As his stage name suggests, Futuristic‘s focus is on the road ahead. That forward-looking orientation, however, doesn’t stop him from channeling some soulful, retro vibes on new single In the Rain. AKT Action, the... More
Posted one year ago
Futuristic ft. Miny - DUH Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
Featuring: Miny
Song: DUH
In April, Futuristic made his Booth debut with I’m a Problem. Judging by the positive reviews the cut received on our pages, Booth readers were largely in agreement with the title statement. Anyone still in doubt, however,... More
Posted one year ago
Futuristic ft. KYLE & SK4MC - I’m a Problem Artwork
Artist: Futuristic
Featuring: KYLE
DJBooth rookie Futuristic is many things: an emcee, a gamer, a golfer, a lawbreaker… On his latest effort, the versatile artist adds one more title to his list, proudly announcing, “I’m a Problem.” While... More
Posted one year ago
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