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Artist: Frankie J.
Where have you been Frankie?  I’ve missed you!  I heard you released some albums over the past few years, but honestly nothing’s really caught my ear since your 2005 release The One. Such a shame, I’ve always... More
Posted on Dec 20, 2010
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Artist: Frankie J.
Since releasing his last studio album, Priceless, Latin Pop singer Frankie J has watched his career heart-rate monitor fluctuate up and down.  Despite millions of records sold and favorable reviews on his first three... More
Posted on Jun 03, 2008
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Artist: Omar Cruz
Featuring: Frankie J.
When a rapper opens up a verse with the line, “It was all a dream,” (the first line of Biggie‘s Juicy), a powerful rags-to-riches story is typically expected to follow.  West Coast native and... More
Posted on May 13, 2008
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Frankie J. Interview

Posted on Sep 02, 2006