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Ed Sheeran - SING Artwork

Ed Sheeran - SING [Stream]

We’ve glimpsed Ed Sheeran as a guest on joints by Lupe Fiasco (Old School Love) and STS (Waiting on the GoldRUSH), and we’ve even seen him co-headline a couple records with Yelawolf (Faces, You Don’t Know),... Read More

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Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran - Old School Love Artwork

Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran - Old School Love [Stream]

In recent months, we’ve heard a rejuvenated Lupe Fiasco showcase the cerebral side of his rhyme style in aggressive, tightly-wound jams like SLR 2 and Peace of Paper / Cup of Jayzus. So fans might be a little surprised... Read More

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Sugar Tongue Slim ft. Ed Sheeran - Waiting on the GOLDRush [Stream]

For his upcoming GOLDRush II project, Philly rapper Sugar Tongue Slim, also known by the less tongue-twisting nickname STS, adds a bit of a hip-hop twist to Ed Sheeran’s Gold Rush on his brand new record, Waiting On The... Read More

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Yelawolf x Ed Sheeran - Faces Artwork

Yelawolf x Ed Sheeran - Faces [Stream]

Yelawolf‘s ascent to prominence in the game was by no means an easy or straightforward one. In addition to the ever-present industry B.S., he’s had to contend with a public slow to grasp his multi-layered musical... Read More

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Yelawolf & Ed Sheeran - You Don’t Know (For F**k Sake) [Stream]

A lot of critics of Yelawolf’s debut album Radioactive, myself not included, were disappointed that Catfish Billy didn’t make fourteen different versions of Pop the Trunk, but Yela’s never been one to listen to the... Read More

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