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Duru Tha King - Indoor Plus + Cover
Album: Indoor Plus +
Duru Tha King has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Indoor Plus + mixtape. Described by the artist as a "reflection of [his] life and struggles throughout his time in Charlotte,... More
Posted one week ago
Duru Tha King ft. Deniro Farrar - SET Artwork
Featuring: Deniro Farrar
Song: SET
Album: Indoor Plus +
Duru Tha King‘s first and, to date, only Booth feature saw him taking a blunted voyage to Planet High. On freshly-minted follow-up SET (an exclusive world premiere!), on the other hand, the Charlotte repper has his feet... More
Posted 3 weeks ago
Duru Tha King - Planet High Artwork
Album: Indoor Plus +
I fully expect to see an increase in the number of people purchasing plane tickets to Colorado and Washington thanks to the legalization of marijuana in those states. Sure, Denver sounds great, but I’m more interested... More
Posted 8 months ago