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From QM to Funk Flex to OVO Fest, a Complete Guide to the Drake vs. Meek Mill “Beef”

This morning I stumbled on a tweet calling for Funkmaster Flex to step down from his position at Hot 97. What could he have possibly done to... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by Brendan V

Hip-Hop Weighs in on Drake v. Meek Mill “Beef”

The summer of beef between Drake and Meek Mill continues to move right along, and over the weekend we heard from a number of respected hip-hop artists... Read More
Posted one day ago by Brendan V

How ‘Bout Now: Drake’s Alleged Ghostwriter Quentin Miller Denies Claim

Finally! In the wake of the semi-scandal spurred by a Meek Mill Twitter rant that sent the Internet into an uproar about the morality of rappers... Read More
Posted one week ago by Brendan V

Unholy 6 God: A Drake Fan Questions His Loyalty

[Art by houseofdxwn] Since the Genesis of hip-hop music, the greatness of a rapper has been measured by three determining factors; music quality,... Read More
Posted one week ago by Vinnie Johnson

Lupe Weighs In on Drake & Meek’s Ghostwriting Fiasco

As you are almost certainly aware, the Internet in recent days has been taken over by this Meek Mill and Drake "beef." With everyone debating... Read More
Posted one week ago by Brendan V
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