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Ty Dolla $ign ft. Dom Kennedy & Rick Ross - Lord Knows Artwork
Featuring: Dom Kennedy | Rick Ross
Album: $ign Language
Over the last few months Ty Dolla $ign has emerged as one of R&B’s most highlighted new voices, so it’s no exaggeration to say his upcoming $ign Language mixtape will be highly anticipated by many. Today, we... More
Posted on Aug 21, 2014
Polyester the Saint ft. Dom Kennedy - Players Anonymous (Remix) Artwork
Featuring: Dom Kennedy
Hello everyone. My name is Richard, and I’m a player. OK, OK, I seriously doubt I can compete with Polyester The Saint in the womanizing department, but I figured that would be the appropriate lead-in to the official... More
Posted on Aug 13, 2014
Dom Kennedy - After School Artwork
With summer in full swing, I’m guessing many of y’all don’t even want to think about school. But perhaps you’ll make a small exception for Dom Kennedy, whose latest single finds him revisiting fond... More
Posted on Aug 06, 2014
Dom Kennedy - Get Home Safely Cover
The calendar might read October, but summer ain’t over yet. Yes, the solstice has long passed, and the sure signs of winter’s gradual arrival have begun to materialize, but the definition of the sunny... More
Posted on Oct 15, 2013
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Upcoming Hip-Hop Album Alert: Dom Kennedy, Blu, Boldy James & More

Here at The DJBooth we strive to always keep our readers well informed of all the latest album, mixtape and EP releases. So every Friday we will preview the week ahead in new releases, highlighting the hip hop projects, both... More
Posted on Oct 11, 2013
Dom Kennedy - Dominic Artwork
Song: Dominic
Dom Kennedy’s forthcoming album was originally scheduled for release on October 1, but after a slight delay is scheduled for liftoff on October 15. While most artists wouldn’t bat an eye, Dom has decided to tide over... More
Posted on Oct 04, 2013
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Nipsey Hussle ft. Dom Kennedy & Cobby Supreme - Checc Me Out Artwork
Featuring: Dom Kennedy
Album: Crenshaw
Like many rappers, Nipsey Hussle could be accurately described as a narcissist. But can you blame him? If I’d clawed my way up from the bottom like the Los Angeles mainstay, I’d be feeling myself, too. On mixtape... More
Posted on Sep 22, 2013
Dom Kennedy ft. Jazzy - South Central Love Artwork
When you are a hardworking emcee, traveling is part of the game. In addition to getting to perform around the world, you also meet a ton of exotic and eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Dom Kennedy could have any type of... More
Posted on Sep 06, 2013
Dom Kennedy Pic
Song: Never
Stalkin’, trickin’, waitin’, hatin’—all things you’ll Never catch Dom Kennedy doing. What the West Coast repper does do is spit, and damn well at that. A potential inclusion on Kennedy’s... More
Posted on Jun 21, 2013
Dom Kennedy Pic
Even if you had Dom Kennedy‘s whips, his clothes, his buzz and his paper, something would still be missing from the equation. On Nothin Like Me, a freshly-released standout off DJ Mustard‘s latest compilation, the... More
Posted on Jun 04, 2013
Strong Arm Steady & Oh No ft. Dom Kennedy - No Sky Limit (Smoke On Remix) Artwork
Featuring: Oh No | Dom Kennedy
When most people are trying to emphasize their boundless potential, they cite the sky above as the only limit to their ascent. As far as Strong Arm Steady are concerned, though, not even the vast reaches of space are large... More
Posted on Nov 26, 2012
Troy NoKA ft. Dom Kennedy - Feelin’ It Artwork
Artist: TROY NoKA
Featuring: Dom Kennedy
Still riding high off the wave of acclaim that greeted his debut album, Free Dreaming, Tony NōKA returns to feed his hungry fanbase with a fresh promotional single. Though Feelin’ It‘s “here’s to us, f**k... More
Posted on Oct 30, 2012
Dom Kennedy ft. Tyga & Juicy J - My Type of Party (Remix) Artwork
Featuring: Tyga | Juicy J
Back in May , Dom Kennedy painted a lyrical picture of his ideal evening on single My Type of Party. There are few soirees that can’t be improved with the addition of a couple more dope emcees; thus, the Los Angeles... More
Posted on Oct 15, 2012
Freddie Gibbs ft. Dom Kennedy - Walk In Wit the M.O. Artwork
Featuring: Dom Kennedy
With eighteen original songs, Gary, Indiana rhymesayer Freddie Gibbs’ Baby Face Killa LP is chock-full of the good stuff and by “good stuff” I do mean “immensely dope records.” Among those... More
Posted on Sep 26, 2012
Dom Kennedy Pic
Featuring: Gucci Mane | E-40 | Game | Dom Kennedy
If you thought that Oakland rapper Clyde Carson planned on slowing things down after the release of his The Team-assisted single Slow Down, then think again. With a newly-released Slow Down (Remix), the emcee is back at it... More
Posted on Sep 24, 2012