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Dan Kanvis - Stranger Artwork
Last we heard from DK, on August’s Never Too Much, the Chi-town representative was espousing a “more is more” philosophy with regard to life’s pleasures. Perhaps it was that same outlook that inspired him to... More
Posted one month ago
Dan Kanvis (DK) Pic
Last we heard from DK, it was summer of 2013 and he was checking his six for snakes in the grass on reader-approved promo single Which One. A year almost to the day later, the unsigned Chicago repper returns—under the... More
Posted 3 months ago
DK - Which One Artwork
From Judas to Brutus, many of history’s most famous turncoats have come from the inner circles of those they ultimately betrayed. (Their names also rhymed, but I’m pretty sure that’s a coincidence.)... More
Posted one year ago
DK - No Holes In My Soul Artwork
If you’re a fan of Little Brother then you know their record Gotta Get That, which means you’ll be an instant fan of DK, who has remixed 9th Wonder‘s original beat on his new release No Holes in My Soul.... More
Posted one year ago
DK - 5 Years Artwork
Song: 5 Years
Y’all remember Miss Cleo, right? You know, the lady on those infomercials that supposedly could tell you about your future. One can only assume that her career was short-lived, since nobody in the world can correctly... More
Posted about 2 years ago
DK - Eardrums Artwork
Let’s all take a moment to thank our Eardums; though we don’t give much thought to the humble tympanic membrane when we’re nodding along to a dope record, those weird little cone-shaped structures (with the... More
Posted 2 years ago
DK - Guns Are the Old Pencils Artwork
Introduced to the Booth via last September’s highly acclaimed Be Somebody, DK makes his long-awaited return to our pages with unreleased cut Guns Are the Old Pencils. Here, a vintage instrumental by Motown mainstay... More
Posted 2 years ago
Dan Kanvis (DK) Pic
Featuring: ProbCause
Nobody but you can tell you who you are, but the important thing is to Be Somebody—because, otherwise, you’re nobody. Here to express this sentiment better than I ever could is Booth newcomer DK, with the final... More
Posted 3 years ago

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