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DJ Skizz ft. Reach - Fix Artwork
Artist: DJ Skizz
Song: Fix
After more than a month without any fresh tunes from DJ Skizz (Revenge hit our front page in late March), his fans in the Booth are undoubtedly craving a Fix. Today, the Boston-based DJ and beatsmith finally returns to give... More
Posted 9 months ago
DJ Skizz ft. Jaysaun & Ripshop - Revenge Artwork
Artist: DJ Skizz
Song: Revenge
Typically, Revenge is a dish best served cold, but DJ Skizz‘s version of Revenge is hot as f**k! The beatsmith hammers out a gruesome, violin-driven beat that any rough-and-tumble emcee would be fighting to get on.... More
Posted 11 months ago
DJ Skizz ft. REKS, Maffew Ragazino, Rasheed Chappell & Liza Colby - Day In The Life Artwork
Artist: DJ Skizz
Creating beats for some of our favorite emcees is a whimsical fantasy; I know it is for me. For DJ Skizz, it is just another Day In The Life. In fact, you can tell that Skizz has plenty of these days because only an expert... More
Posted one year ago
DJ Skizz ft. Roc Marciano, A.G., O.C. & Godfather Pt. 3 - Light Years Artwork
Artist: DJ Skizz
Featuring: Roc Marciano
It might seem like a contradiction in terms, but there is no better way to describe DJ Skizz‘s latest feature than to write that it’s Light Years ahead of those trying to recapture the magic of days gone by.... More
Posted one year ago
DJ Skizz ft. Lil Fame & Ill Bill - Vio-Lence Artwork
Artist: DJ Skizz
Featuring: Lil' Fame
DJ Skizz, the East Coast DJ/producer (and WNYU radio personality) who teamed up with JS-1 to bring us The Official 2011 CMJ Mixtape, is getting ready to take his hustle to the next level with the release of his first solo... More
Posted one year ago
DJ Skizz ft. Hannibal Stax, Big Noyd & Panchi - Triboro Thoro Artwork
Artist: DJ Skizz
Featuring: Hannibal Stax | Big Noyd
Imagine yourself on a tour of New York City. But it’s not the Big Apple you see in brochures, it’s the real culture of the city that never sleeps, a culture that always keeps things Triboro Thoro. Enter emcess... More
Posted one year ago
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