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Cupid - The Love Slide [Stream]

If you enter a club or party anywhere in the world, chances are good that the Cupid Shuffle will be played at some point.  While the song and its accompanying dance were a resounding success, the same can’t be said for... Read More

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Cupid - Happy Dance [Stream]

Please don’t be mistaken; Happy Dance is not the same song as Cupid Shuffle. Sure, the two may have nearly identical tempos, rhythms, melodies, and titles, but at least their lyrics are… well, never mind. Regardless, you... Read More

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Cupid ft. B.o.B. - 369 [Stream]

Even though the upcoming movie Step Up 2: The Streets is being distributed by Disney subsidiary Touchstone Pictures, its corresponding soundtrack is being handled by Warner Music Group and their supplementary labels, Atlantic... Read More

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Cupid ft. T-Pain & Tay Dizm - The Let Out [Stream]

Cupid already took us to the club on Do You Dance and kept us there with Cupid Shuffle.  Now, with The Let Out, Cupid heads out of the club and gets into his car, shows off the ride, and hopes to attract a fine young... Read More

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Cupid ft. Pitbull & Baby Bash - Cupid Shuffle (Latin Shuffle) [Stream]

While several R&B singers have released dance tracks as their debut single, Cupid is one of the few to make it a career.  His own, Cupid Shuffle, has already sparked quite a buzz on the radio and in the clubs, and... Read More

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Cupid ft. Aubrey O’Day - Do You Dance [Stream]

Named after the Roman god of love (and Valentine’s icon) who shot arrows at people to make them fall in love, up-&-coming R&B singer Cupid looks to do the same thing, only with his music.  On his new... Read More