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The Best Pusha T Songs [Playlist]

Earlier this week, Pusha T released his debut solo album, My Name Is My Name, but King Push has been laying down audio dope since The Clipse first started Grindin in 2002.Whether as part of The Clipse, as a leader of the... Read More

Clipse - Grindin Artwork

Throwback Thursdays: Clipse - Grindin [Stream]

Though his debut solo set doesn’t drop till next Tuesday, Pusha T is already one of the most successful, established purveyors of coke rap in the industry. How did he attain this lofty position? Simple: Grindin. The... Read More

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Travis Barker ft. Clipse & Kobe - City of Dreams [Stream]

When the MPC and hip hop met, they fell madly in love and forgot all about real, acoustic drums. Then there was Travis Barker. In his latest leak from his Give the Drummer Some album, dropping March 15, called City of Dreams... Read More

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Yo Gotti ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & The Clipse - Cocaine Muzik [Stream]

First, I want to thank the lovely lady who sang background vocals on this track. We were unable to procure her identity, but this anonymous songstress’ contributions are imperative to the vibe of Yo Gotti’s latest track,... Read More

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The Clipse - Champion [Stream]

In spite of some fans’ wishes that they’d stay shifty-eyed hustlers forever, the Clipse spent much of their latest full-length kicking back and enjoying the finer things in life. And why not? As the brothers... Read More

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Clipse - Till the Casket Drops Cover

Clipse - Till the Casket Drops [Album]

If this review sounds bi-polar, slightly schizophrenic and thoroughly confused, then I’ll have done a good job of portraying how I feel about the Clipse’s new album Till the Casket Drops. Let me begin by saying that I... Read Full Review

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The Clipse - Doorman [Stream]

First I’m Good, then Popular Demand (Popeyes) and now Doorman. I’m beginning to think the Clipse’s new swagger-esque sound is more than just a trend, it may just be the dominant sound of their new album. The latest leak... Read More

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