Chin Injeti - Best New Songs, Albums, & Features

Listen to the best new songs and albums from Chin Injeti as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on July 12, 2012

Editor's Pick
Chin Injeti ft. David Banner - Peoples 2 Artwork
Featuring: David Banner
I know what you’re thinking. Really, I do. You probably saw the featured artist today and thought, “Am I familiar with Chin Injeti?” Although he may not be a household name, rest assured, if you listen to hip hop... More
Posted 2 years ago
Editor's Pick
Chin Injeti (of The New Royales) ft. Talib Kweli - Walking Around My Dreams Artwork
Featuring: Talib Kweli
Combine a Grammy Award winning producer, an eclectic band, and a Brooklyn emcee and the results can be either awful or awe-inspiring. Thankfully, though, for producer Chin Injeti the combination of talent on his new single... More
Posted 2 years ago
Chin Injeti Pic
Featuring: K'NAAN
People who claim in seriousness to be one hundred percent real, one hundred percent of the time are either lying or just not watching themselves very closely – in truth, we all rock a variety of masks in our dealings with... More
Posted 5 years ago
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