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Listen to the best new songs and albums from Chamillionaire as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on March 06, 2015

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Chamillionaire’s Blueprint for Financial Success Outside Rap

Chamillionaire is not your average rapper. He has never been. Looking at his career, how many artists won a GRAMMY with a catchy song about police brutality that went viral before the term viral even existed? Who... More
Posted 3 weeks ago
Chamillionaire - End of a Knife Artwork
F**king with Chamillionaire is a little like grabbing a straight razor by the wrong end; you’re guaranteed to come away with some deep cuts, and you very well may find end up in the emergency room. On newly-released... More
Posted one year ago
Chamillionaire - Go Getta Artwork
On his last Booth feature, Chamillionaire reminded us that Some Things Never Change. Proving that sentiment to be correct, the self-proclaimed Mixtape Messiah has returned with another potent effort, Go Getta, on which his... More
Posted one year ago
Chamillionaire Pic
Artist: Stalley
I’ll keep it one-hundred: when I hear the phrase “Ol School” (with or without the ‘d’), Houston isn’t the first city that comes to mind. Which is a damn shame, because it actually has a deep and... More
Posted one year ago
Chamillionaire - Some Things Never Change Artwork
Fresh off earning positive reader reviews for September’s thought-provoking Don’t Shoot, Chamillionaire returns with another promo cut to tide fans over as they wait for news on his long-delayed junior set. On... More
Posted one year ago
Editor's Pick
Chamillionaire - Don’t Shoot Artwork
Exhilarating as it might be in a fictional context, there’s nothing glamorous about the reality of gunplay. On freshly-minted promo single Don’t Shoot, Houston vet Chamillionaire urges listeners not to get... More
Posted one year ago
Chamillionaire ft. Scarface, Killer Mike & Bobby Moon - Reignfall Artwork
Featuring: Scarface | Killer Mike
Everybody and their mother knows Chamillionaire for his 2006 smash-hit Ridin’ Dirty, but don’t even think about calling him a one-trick pony. The dude has been dropping bangers for quite a long time now. The latest?... More
Posted one year ago
Editor's Pick
Chamillionaire - Overnight Artwork
Success in the game may not happen Overnight, but a new Booth feature from Chamillionaire evidently can. Fresh off yesterday’s release of EP single Hold Up, the H-Town stalwart has already bounced back with a follow-up.... More
Posted one year ago
M.I ft. Chamillionaire & Corbett - Nothing You Can Do Artwork
Artist: M.i
Featuring: Chamillionaire
Album: Pushing Keyes
On his last mixtape single, early April’s Church West Texas, M.i showcased a more introspective side of his artistic persona, offering listeners a firsthand account of his struggles with his Christian faith. Follow-up... More
Posted about 2 years ago
Chamillionaire - Hold Up Artwork
Song: Hold Up
In a What Have You Done for Me Lately industry it is easy for an artist to fall off the map if they don’t consistently release fresh material. Just ask veteran emcee Chamillionaire, who after blowing up in 2007, has... More
Posted 2 years ago
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