Cello Figaro Songs, Videos, & Albums

Cello Figaro - Concerto Grosso Cover
Minneapolis emcee/producer Cello Figaro has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, Concerto Grosso. Inspired by the classical composition of the same name, the project packs a total of... More
Posted on Dec 06, 2013
Cello Figaro - Red & White Blues (2nd Movement Begins) Artwork
When I read the title of Cello Figaro‘s latest single, Red & White Blues (2nd Movement Begins), I was expecting an angry denunciation of the American dream. Well, the Minneapolis-based emcee/producer is mad, all... More
Posted on Nov 24, 2013
Cello Figaro - The Loner’s Anthem II Artwork
Rolling solo’s a lot less lonely with some good music to keep you company. Cello Figaro knows what I’m talking about—thus, he’s dedicated his latest single to all those who share his solitary disposition.... More
Posted on Oct 31, 2013
Cello Figaro - Stood Over Mis Artwork
Fans of Cello Figaro might be disappointed to hear that the emcee has opted not to release a deluxe edition of his latest album, Cellar Door. Dry those eyes, however, as he has a pretty cool plan B, including a new project as... More
Posted on Mar 25, 2013
Cello Figaro - Meteor Showers (The Next Time the World Ends) Artwork
For most people, the apocalypse is a terrifying prospect. Booth newcomer Cello Figaro, on the other hand, finds the possibility kind of exciting. On new single Meteor Showers, the Norfolk-born, Minneapolis-based rhymesayer... More
Posted on Jan 30, 2013