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Detroit spitter Boldy James’ previous mixtape, Trapper’s Alley 2: Risk vs Reward [The Brictionary], was released earlier this year to strong reader reviews, and today we have a freshly-minted video for one of the... More
Posted 2 weeks ago
Way back in 2011, on his very first digital release, Boldy James took listeners on a tour of a grimy place called Trappers Alley. Four years later, the Motown phenom makes a return visit. The rapper's first project of any... More
Posted about 3 months ago
Whether your product is crack or financial instruments, in the world of business, fortune tends to favor the richest and most ruthless. As Boldy James puts it on a fresh single off his next mixtape, “Little money never told... More
Posted 3 months ago
Detroit vs. Everybody isn’t an all-time great posse record, but as far as major mainstream collaborations go it’s arguably one of the best and brightest of the calender year. The original version of the record... More
Posted 5 months ago
When I first read the title of Motown phenom Boldy James‘s new single, I thought to myself, “How the f**k do you shave with a 50 Foot Razor Blade?” Then I hit play and forgot all about that; I mean, how can you... More
Posted 6 months ago
Update: The Gerard Victor-directed visuals for Boldy James’ Crunchin single have been added. Eight months after the release of his independent debut album, My 1st Chemistry Set, Motown rhymesayer Boldy James is getting... More
Posted 7 months ago
Featuring: Boldy James
Song: Arizona
Not glimpsed on our pages since March, when he hooked up with Kinetic to drop We On, Michigan wunderkind Isaac Castor returns to the Booth with freshly-minted LP single Arizona. On this whip-ready selection, Arjun... More
Posted 9 months ago

Real Recognize Real: Boldy James on EPMD’s Influence, His Point Guard Potential & More

Sometimes it can feel like artists move through the world in their own bubble, orbiting around each other but never touching, especially in hip-hop when biting and copying is a cardinal sin. But the truth is, music... More
Posted 9 months ago
Featuring: Boldy James
When Willie The Kid meditates on his aspirations in the hip-hop game, a vast field of blue floats before his mind’s eye. Which is none too surprising; after all, the man’s limit is the sky. On this new promo... More
Posted 11 months ago
Artist: Pell
Featuring: Boldy James
Song: SC2014
After first being featured in July of 2013, with Ocean View 2.0, Pell has become a steady Booth visitor with eight additional features. He’s even toured with Booth-favorite Yonas, so it’s safe to say he has been... More
Posted one year ago
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