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Listen to the best new songs and albums from Bodega BAMZ as well as features written by the DJ Booth Staff. Last updated on March 26, 2015

Bodega Bamz - Bring Em Out ft. Flatbush ZOMBiES Artwork
Featuring: Flatbush ZOMBiES
Album: Sidewalk Exec
Bodega Bamz is gearing up for the release of his Sidewalk Exec album on April 14, and drops off yet another album cut today: Bring Em Out. V-Don mans the boards for this gritty street banger (and the entirety of the album),... More
Posted about 18 hours ago
Bodega Bamz - Billy Bats Artwork
Album: Sidewalk Exec
If you’ve seen the crime classic Goodfellas (if you have not, do so immediately), you might know Billy Bats as a seemingly friendly “made man” who is brutally beaten to death. It turns out that the latest... More
Posted 3 weeks ago
Bodega BAMZ - El-Rey Artwork
Song: El-Rey
Album: Sidewalk Exec
America may have become a democratic republic back in the 1770s, but Spanish Harlem remains a monarchy. The king? None other than DJBooth regular Bodega BAMZ. On new single El-Rey, the artist luxuriates in the power he wields... More
Posted 4 months ago
Feature Image

Bodega Bamz & Tanboys: Trip to Toronto (Documentary)

Subscribe to DJBoothTV Even for someone who spends literally almost every waking minute on the internet listening to new music, there are just too many new artists coming out every day to keep up with even those worthy... More
Posted about 8 months ago
Bodega BAMZ & The Martinez Brothers ft. Raekwon - F**k Dat Sh*t Artwork
Featuring: Raekwon
Just last week, we heard Bodega BAMZ spit a guest verse on Gamble, a reader-approved loosie from Raekwon. Now, the Chef has returned the favor, joining the Harlem veteran on new single F**k Dat Sh*t. Steve and Christian of... More
Posted 10 months ago
Raekwon ft. Bodega BAMZ & Spankjusbizness - Gamble Artwork
Artist: Raekwon
Featuring: Bodega BAMZ
Song: Gamble
With some artists, listening to a new record feels like a Gamble—you might luck out and experience something dope, but it could also be a complete waste of time. Hitting play on a Raekwon cut, on the other hand, you know... More
Posted 10 months ago
Audubon ft. Bodega BAMZ - F.M.L.T.N.T Artwork
Artist: Audubon
Featuring: Bodega BAMZ
Introduced to our pages via July’s reader-acclaimed Laws of the Gods, Audobon makes his triumphant return to The DJBooth with another fresh single off his latest EP. On the sultry F.M.L.T.N.T., the Washington Heights... More
Posted one year ago
Bodega BAMZ ft. A$AP Ferg - SAY AMEN Artwork
Featuring: A$AP Ferg
Let’s take a trip down to the trap, shall we kids? Today we’re following Bodega BAMZ on his journey to a trap cathedral where he prays to the trap lord in earnest. On Say Amen, he’s joined by A$AP Ferg, who... More
Posted 2 years ago
Editor's Pick
Remy Banks ft. Bodega BAMZ - GLDCHN Artwork
Artist: Remy Banks
Featuring: Bodega BAMZ
A member of World’s Fair, the Queens hip-hop collective who brought us Sick Rapping Bro last May, Remy Banks returns to make his DJBooth debut as a headliner with freshly-minted promo cut GLDCHN. On this street-ready... More
Posted 2 years ago
Bodega Bamz - NAVY Artwork
Song: NAVY
I could sit here and write that I was praying hoping that NAVY, Bodega Bamz’ latest single, did not feature a sample of the Village People’s In The Navy, but then I would be lying straight to your face (or computer... More
Posted 2 years ago
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