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Better Taste Bureau - Heisman Artwork
Song: Heisman
The dream of every college football player is to stand on stage on national television, hoisting up the Heisman trophy above the head for the world to see. For all of the over-hyped emcees in the rap game, however, be on the... More
Posted about 12 months ago
Editor's Pick
Better Taste Bureau - Out West Artwork
There’s something very infectious about Out West, a new single from Salt Lake City trio Better Taste Bureau. It’s either the drum-filled, Cowboy/Western guitar melody provided by the group’s producer, Mason... More
Posted one year ago
Better Taste Bureau - The Better Taste EP Cover
Salt Lake City hip-hop crew Better Taste Bureau (formerly known as Hurris & Gig) has unleashed its latest collection of original material, the The Better Taste EP. The project packs a total of four original jams from the... More
Posted one year ago
Better Taste Bureau ft. Luna Lune - Lookin’ Back Artwork
Sick of the stale, tacky sounds coming from certain individuals in the music game? Then it’s time to file a complaint with the Better Taste Bureau. The Salt Lake City representatives may not be able to curb their... More
Posted one year ago
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