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King avriel - thesis Cover
Album: thesis
Since King avriel burst onto the scene early this year, heads have been captivated by the Los Angeles-born singer/songwriter's talent for mixing powerful emotion with the razor-sharp analysis of a cultural studies scholar. So... More
Posted about 9 months ago
King avriel - 180 Artwork
Song: 180
Album: thesis
In a piece featured earlier this week, our own Lucas G. took an in-depth look at R&B singer King avriel, trying to determine whether the buzz that had accumulated around her handful of song releases was deserved. His... More
Posted 9 months ago
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King Avriel is Buzzing, But Is She Worth Your Time?

​On this magical interwebz people have the freedom to speak how they want and present themselves in any manner they choose. The only problem is people have the freedom to speak how they want and present themselves in... More
Posted 9 months ago
King Avriel - Judgment Day / Valley Idols Artwork
Album: thesis
Even R&B royalty has to answer to the powers that be. On a new single off her next independent full-length, King Avriel offers herself up as a sacrifice for sins she may or may not have committed: ”I’ll admit to... More
Posted 11 months ago
King Avriel - Caricatures Artwork
Album: thesis
Forget dreams or when you’re intoxicated. Even in reality, it’s tough to determine what’s real or not. With irony, fakers, and selfishness spreading like wildfire, can you blame Los Angeles singer King... More
Posted about 12 months ago
Avriel - Prelude Artwork
Song: Prelude
When a new literary talent climbs to the top of the bestseller list, it’s only a matter of time before avid fans start to write their own stories about the characters they’ve created. Guess that rule also holds... More
Posted one year ago
Avriel - Failed Messiah Artwork
Avriel‘s last song release, Paranormal Paradigm, found her departing from the typical R&B topics—love, sex, et cetera—to offer a cerebral, yet deeply personal critique of her media-obsessed generation. The... More
Posted one year ago
Avriel - Paranormal Paradigm Artwork
It has been more than three years since Avriel Epps made her last Booth appearance with Be Cool. While I was mad that she was holding out on us, I couldn’t stay that way for long, because her new single, Paranormal... More
Posted one year ago
Avriel Epps - Be Cool Artwork
Song: Be Cool
Ever been in a relationship that’s simply too good to be true, one so perfect that you can’t look at the person in question without your heart racing? On new single Be Cool, Booth newcomer Avriel Epps describes... More
Posted 4 years ago
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