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Avery Storm - Dreamer Artwork
Song: Dreamer
Avery Storm makes his fifth DJBooth appearance of 2015, with the release of a new promo single. The self-produced Dreamer is an low-key, uplifting jam, which is not currently attached to a larger body of work. For more of the... More
Posted one month ago
Avery Storm - LMA (Leave Me Alone) Artwork
On his last feature, a loosie released in honor of Valentine’s Day, Avery Storm invited listeners to help him spread peace and L O V E through the globe. Two weeks later, on his latest in his biweekly series of promo... More
Posted 2 months ago
Avery Storm - L O V E ME Artwork
As Valentine’s Day approaches, romance and erotic passion are on the minds of couples and singletons alike. On his latest single, L O V E ME, however, indie R&B singer Avery Storm is more concerned with the kind of... More
Posted about 3 months ago
Avery Storm - Disinformation Artwork
Two weeks after dazzling Boothgoers with the heartbroken Breathe, Avery Storm is back on our front page with another freshly-minted promo single. In contrast to the aforementioned jam’s emotional rawness, DISINFORMATION... More
Posted 3 months ago
Avery Storm - Breathe Artwork
Song: Breathe
Been holding your breath for something new from Avery Storm? Well, you can go ahead and Breathe, because today the indie R&B phenom is back on our front page with a brand new promo single. Coming on the heels of late... More
Posted about 4 months ago
Avery Storm - She Lied Artwork
There are few situations sh*ttier than having a significant other who can’t keep it real with you. If you’ve been there, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate Avery Storm‘s latest single, on which he informs a... More
Posted 4 months ago
Avery Storm - WitHer Artwork
Song: WitHer
After half a year with no new features from Avery Storm, his fans in the Booth may be starting to WitHer away like plants deprived of rain. If that’s how you’ve been feeling, take heart; the drought is over.... More
Posted 5 months ago
Editor's Pick
Avery Storm - Audiobiography EP Cover
In October of 2012, Booth-approved artist Avery Storm put it all On the Line. A little more than 19 months later, the NYC native has now released his Audiobiography EP. Included on the six-track EP, a collaboration with... More
Posted one year ago
Avery Storm x The Ceasars ft. N.O.R.E - Head Over Heels Artwork
Featuring: N.O.R.E
When you first fall in love, it feels like you’ve just jumped off of a cliff with no parachute. But let Avery Storm extend his hand and catch you before you fall too far. On his latest single, Head Over Heels, the New... More
Posted one year ago
Avery Storm & The Ceaears ft. Jadakiss - Can’t Walk Away Artwork
Featuring: Jadakiss
Back in late February, Avery Storm told us that sometimes it’s just Easier to Breakup. Well, it seems that is easier said than done, because two months later he still Can’t Walk Away. While his girl may have left,... More
Posted one year ago
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