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Anderson .Paak’s 15 Favorite Songs of All-Time

How many times have you listened to a dope artist and wondered what they were listen to? Probably about eleven million times (approximately). Well, wonder no more…at least for DJBooth-regular Anderson .Paak. We linked... More
Posted on Aug 28, 2014
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Anderson .Paak Breaks Down His 15 Favorite Songs of All-Time

No matter what your relationship is with music - whether you are a DJBooth reader, a blogger, a struggle rapper or a platinum selling artist - we all started out as fans; everyone has those 15-20 songs that... More
Posted on Aug 27, 2014
Anderson .Paak - Drugs Artwork
Song: Drugs
Last we heard from Anderson .Paak, it was December of 2013 and he was mourning a lost love on his understated rendition of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Maps. The So-Cal native’s first feature of the new year is also a... More
Posted on Aug 05, 2014
TOKiMONSTA ft. Anderson .Paak - Realla Artwork
Featuring: Anderson .Paak
Song: Realla
Damn, TOKiMONSTA‘s new promo single is smooth. Like, for Realla. The West Coast electronic buzzmaker’s first feature on our pages, this freshly-minted loosie finds her crafting a warm, oceanic synth backdrop for... More
Posted on Jul 17, 2014
Anderson .Paak - Celibate Artwork
No, Anderson .Paak hasn’t joined the priesthood. He is, however, in the midst of a temporary Celibate period thanks to his steady girl’s reluctance to get it on. Over Duke Westlake‘s production, a quirky mix... More
Posted on Jul 14, 2014
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Anderson .Paak - Might Be (High) Artwork
I’m starting to see a theme here. The last Anderson .Paak/Lodef collab was titled DRUGS, and now the pair return with Might Be (High). Whereas DRUGS was harder than a PCP and bath salt cocktail, Might Be (High) is the... More
Posted on Apr 08, 2014
TiRon x Ayomari ft. Anderson .Paak - My Supernova Artwork
Featuring: Anderson .Paak
Back in September 2011, Los Angeles buzzmakers TiRON and Ayomari launched their collaborative relationship with digital full-length A Sucker for Pumps. Two and a half years later, the partners-in-rhyme are getting ready to... More
Posted on Feb 17, 2014
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Anderson .Paak - Maps Artwork
Song: Maps
Album: Cover Art
With its memorable melody, emotional sweep and romantic theme, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ 2004 breakthrough single is perfect material for an R&B makeover. As a matter of fact, it already received one last year, courtesy... More
Posted on Dec 02, 2013
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Anderson .Paak - Cover Art Cover
Album: Cover Art
West Coast buzzmaker Anderson .Paak, formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy, has unleashed his latest EP, Cover Art, via Hellfyre Club. The six-track set features the artist's renditions of popular cuts by a variety of rock, folk... More
Posted on Nov 12, 2013