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AD - PIA (Pigs in America) Artwork

AD - PIA (Pigs in America) [Stream & Download]

In the U.S., police shootings and excessive uses of force happen so frequently that it’s easy for people—those who aren’t close to these injustices, anyways—to see these incidents as normal. Now that Ferguson... Read More

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AD - ComptonFornia 2 Cover

AD - ComptonFornia 2 [Album]

During the long, lazy days of summertime, nothing hits the spot quite like that classic West Coast sound. If you're looking for some Golden State bangers to blast from your car speakers in the weeks ahead, look no further... Read More

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AD ft. Bad Lucc & Problem - Without It Artwork

AD ft. Bad Lucc & Problem - Without It [Stream & Download]

Do you love West Coast hip-hop so much, you don’t know whether you could live Without It? Well, there’s no need to start writing your last will and testament just yet. Today, Compton buzzmaker AD makes his grand... Read More

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