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Yo Dot - Never Shines Artwork

Yo Dot - Never Shines [Song]

Thanks to the short winter days, Yo Dot‘s hometown has been looking a little gloomy lately. But the Milwaukee rhymesayer isn’t tripping—after all, he came up in the streets where the sun Never Shines. On this...Read More

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Yo Dot ft. Hart Gunther - I’m On It Artwork

Yo Dot ft. Hart Gunther - I’m On It [Song]

Last night after 12:00 AM or so, I was in bed, getting some much-needed shut-eye. Yo Dot? He was out pounding the pavement, laying the groundwork for his future domination of the game. The Milwaukee emcee’s first...Read More

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Yo Dot - The Separation Artwork

Yo Dot - The Separation [Song]

When ranking emcees, one finds that many of them are interchangeable. The difference between them often seems minimal or nonexistent. The Separation between Yo Dot and your average emcee? Let’s just say just say...Read More

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Yo Dot - In Pursuit Artwork

Yo Dot - In Pursuit [Song]

It is great that Friday is upon us, but for some the last day of the workweek can be a struggle. While you might be ready to mail it in around lunchtime, log on to DJBooth and peruse the site for hours, you know that there is...Read More

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Yo Dot - Sherman Park Memoirs Cover

Yo Dot - Sherman Park Memoirs [Album]

Yo Dot has come together with The DJBooth and Umbrellas Up to bring listeners his latest street release, Sherman Park Memoirs. The project packs 11 original tracks from the Milwaukee buzzmaker, including "Red Snapper Sh*t"... Read More

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Yo Dot - Red Mist Cover

Yo Dot - Red Mist [Album]

SMKA and The DJBooth are proud to present Red Mist, the brand new project from Milwaukee emcee Yo Dot. Over the course of the free album's eleven tracks Dot displays rhymes that are simultaneously grounded in hip-hop... Read More

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