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Editor's Pick
The Mad Violinist
Though Ashanti Floyd has been busy lending his instrumental talents to joints by the likes of Big K.R.I.T. (Multi Till the Sun Die) and Meek Mill (Lay Up), it’s been a minute since The Mad... More
Posted one year ago
The Mad Violinist
Solo violin, R&B vocals, and NES-gone-haywire synths, all on one record? With The Mad Violinist and his Symphony Crack Orchestra, Anything’s Possible. The latest single off Ashanti... More
Posted 2 years ago
Honors English ft. Freeway Ricky Ross & The Mad Violinist  - Short Story Long Artwork
Featuring: The Mad Violinist
Where most would try to make a long story short, up-and-coming emcee Honors English prefers to make a Short Story Long—fortunately, he’s got the narrative chops to have listeners hanging... More
Posted 3 years ago
The Mad Violinist
Featuring: Asia Bryant
Last heard on Emilio Rojas’ Look At Me Now single feature, The Mad Violinist returns to the Booth with Coming For You.  Newcomer Asia Bryant shines vocally over the upbeat club track, while... More
Posted 4 years ago
Emilio Rojas
Quick quiz: What’s the only thing better than $100? $200. What’s the only thing better than a lap dance from a beautiful woman? A lapdance from two beautiful women. (Or so I hear.) And what’s... More
Posted 4 years ago
The Mad Violinist & The Symphony Crack Orchestra - Muzik Artwork
Song: Muzik
On paper, pairing lush, hip-hop-informed grooves with lead violin seems like a strange idea – and, in a way, it is. Of course, it’s hard to focus on how out-of-the-ordinary Ashanti “The Mad... More
Posted 4 years ago
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