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Dave B ft. Sol - Boathouse Artwork

Dave B ft. Sol - Boathouse [Song]

One of the perks of living on the Western Seaboard is the ability to head down to the coast and enjoy a boat ride along the Pacific shoreline. Don’t have a watercraft at your disposal? Not to worry—Booth newcomer Dave...Read More

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Sol - Eyes Open EP Cover

Sol - Eyes Open EP [Album]

Washington emcee Sol has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Eyes Open EP, which is available as a free stream in The DJBooth. The artist's first release since 2012 sophomore LP Yours Truly, the project... Read More

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Sol - Be Good or Be Careful Artwork

Sol - Be Good or Be Careful [Song]

Washington emcee Sol is currently preparing to embark on a nine-month journey across the globe, funded by a Bonderman travel fellowship the artist received as an honors student at the U of W. By way of a goodbye letter to...Read More

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Grynch ft. Sol - I’m Good Artwork

Grynch ft. Sol - I’m Good [Song]

Sometimes, one little letter can make all the difference. Whereas The Grinch of Christmas-stealing fame is a misanthrope who can’t stand to see others having a good time, Grynch is an eternal optimist who wants nothing...Read More

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Sol - Stage Dive Artwork

Sol - Stage Dive [Song]

Though 2012 is still so young that, if it were a baby, it’d still be rocking that little umbilical cord stump, Sol‘s not letting a second go to waste. On the contrary, the underground rhymesayer’s jumping...Read More

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Wizdom ft. Sol, Luck-One & Grynch - That’s Nice Artwork

Wizdom ft. Sol, Luck-One & Grynch - That’s Nice [Song]

When a talented emcee like Wizdom gathers up his mic-murderingest colleagues to craft a dope ensemble cut, what is there to say but “For sure, That’s Nice”? (That’s the luxuriant “That’s nice,” of...Read More

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Sol ft. Grieves & Budo - The Times Artwork

Sol ft. Grieves & Budo - The Times [Song]

To quote the great philosopher Andy Warhol, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Or, as This Sh*t emcee Sol puts it on his second Booth feature, “We all know that nothing...Read More

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Sol - This Sh*t Artwork

Sol - This Sh*t [Song]

Regular readers know that I have a propensity towards obscenity, so handing me a song titled This S**t is a pretty f**king solid guarantee that most of this write-up will be scattered with asterisks. F**k it, sometimes you...Read More

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