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Skewby - When I Ride Artwork

Skewby - When I Ride [Song]

Some practice meditation to keep stress at bay, others use weed or liquor to relex. Skewby? He finds peace behind the wheel. On a fresh promo single, his first feature since last October’s You Never Know, the Memphis...Read More

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Skewby - You Never Know Artwork

Skewby - You Never Know [Song]

Tomorrow, you might receive a check in the mail for a million dollars, or you might walk to your front door and get hit by a bus. Or, hell, you could get flattened by that bus on the way to deposit your million-dollar check....Read More

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Skewby - Don’t Understand Artwork

Skewby - Don’t Understand [Song]

Endemic to rappers is the creeping feeling that all is not quite right with the world. And it stands to reason—you’ve got to have some sh*t to figure out, if you’re going to spend hours upon hours pondering life...Read More

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Skewby - We Almost There Artwork

Skewby - We Almost There [Song]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Skewby’s “We Almost There” video. Sometimes when we finally reach the top of that mountain we’ve been climbing we only realize how much further you...Read More

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Jus Nice ft. Kyle Lucas & Skewby - Sh*t Faced Artwork

Jus Nice ft. Kyle Lucas & Skewby - Sh*t Faced [Song]

Currently in the midst of his senior year at Lander University, Jus Nice has channeled his collegiate experiences into a record that students in the Booth and beyond are sure to find eminently relatable. On this breezy...Read More

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Casey Veggies ft. Young Scolla & Skewby - On Everything Artwork

Casey Veggies ft. Young Scolla & Skewby - On Everything [Song]

I’m not a fan of ranch dressing, but evidently Casey Veggies is; as the Los Angeles rhymesayer himself admits on his first solo feature, the latest leak off SMKA‘s new comp album, “I put it On Everything.” OK,...Read More

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Skewby - More or Less Cover

Skewby - More or Less [Album]

Memphis buzzmaker Skewby has hooked up with to bring fans his long-awaited new street release, More or Less. The follow-up to last year’s Proving You Wrong Since 1988, the LP features 14 brand new cuts from... Read More

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Skewby - I’m Already Gone Artwork

Skewby - I’m Already Gone [Song]

The 212th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Skewby, the Memphis native who recently earned reader approval for unreleased cut Believe. On his brand new, exclusive...Read More

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Skewby - Believe [Song]

It’s a rare breed of emcee who can make Booth regulars Believe in his mic-rocking prowess in the span of a single feature, but it’s by no means unprecedented. Hoping to add his name to the elite list of reader...Read More

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