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Rich Kid Sound System - No Cheers for Pioneers Cover
Comprised of songwriter/vocalist/rapper Gabriel "Q" Pelaez and producer/vocalist Leo De la O, South Florida crew Rich Kid Sound System have teamed up with The DJBooth to release their new album, No Cheers for Pioneers.... More
Posted on Jul 10, 2012
Rich Kid Sound System - Hey! Young Girl! Artwork
Last week, Rich Kid Sound System kicked off Beach Day Wednesdays, an online series leading up to the release of their debut EP. The latest entry, Hey! Young Girl!, finds prodeucer W0LFC0AT crafting a... More
Posted on Jan 03, 2012
Rich Kid Sound System - I Want It All Artwork
When you’re as young, talented and, well, rich as Rich Kid Sound System, the world is your oyster—and you’d better believe that the South Florida five-piece are going to slurp that... More
Posted on Dec 21, 2011
Rich Kid Sound System
If you took high-school English, there’s a good chance that, at one point or another, you’ve found yourself hunched over over a Shakespeare text at 11:45 PM, struggling to translate the... More
Posted on May 30, 2011
Rich Kid Sound System - Not Far From Home Artwork
UPDATE: Watch the new music video for Not Far From Home. Like most of us, vocalist/bassist Q, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Leo, and percussionist Dan have a conflicted relationship with their... More
Posted on May 05, 2011
Rich Kid Sound System - Talk About Us Artwork
Blending various elements to see if they mesh together can result in either something glorious or a complete disaster (who remembers Crystal Pepsi?). Today, inside our DJBooth, we’ll let our... More
Posted on Mar 31, 2011
Editor's Pick
Rich Kid Sound System
Getting bored with today’s pop-music landscape? Starting to feel like you’ve heard it all? Well, up-and-coming crew Rich Kid Sound System have a message for you: “You Get What You... More
Posted on Nov 03, 2010