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Radical Something - Cutty Spot Artwork
You can’t have a truly radical summer with a little light substance abuse, can you? (Not that I’d know, Grandma.) The penultimate entry in Radical Something‘s seasonal series, the... More
Posted on Aug 20, 2012
Radical Something - Hang Out Artwork
Back with the tenth instalment in their #SUMMERofRAD series is Radical Something. Fresh off of their release of Step Right Up and Tequila Kiss, the up-and-coming hip-pop crew have dropped sunny new... More
Posted on Aug 13, 2012
Radical Something - Tequila Kiss Artwork
Before you break out the Jose Cuervo and grenadine, I should first inform you that Tequila Kiss is not the name of a new summer-inspired cocktail. Instead Tequila Kiss is the 9th addition to... More
Posted on Aug 06, 2012
Radical Something - Step Right Up Artwork
While Radical Something’s #SummerofRAD series has continued to serve as a welcomed weekly addition to this sweltering summer of ours, it’s great that the guys have finally dropped some... More
Posted on Jul 30, 2012
Radical Something - Spread Your Wings Artwork
With the continuing success of their SUMMERofRAD series Los Angeles trio Radical Something might find themselves among the likes of Jimmy Buffett and other notable artists thanks to their addictively... More
Posted on Jul 23, 2012
Radical Something - Tomorrow Artwork
Musical trio Radical Something continue to provide the unofficial soundtrack to summer thanks to Tomorrow, the newest record released in their SUMMERofRAD series. Now in its fifth week, the musical... More
Posted on Jul 09, 2012
Radical Something - Start Livin Artwork
Back with the latest installment in their #SUMMERofRAD series is Golden State crew, Radical Something. Their newest entry, Start Livin, follows suit with their previous features Lemonade and Sky Is... More
Posted on Jul 02, 2012
Radical Something - Lemonade Artwork
With the SUMMERofRAD in full swing (see the DJBooth-premiered Sky Is Born and the non-featured All These Times), Golden State crew Radical Something return to our pages with entry #3 in their weekly... More
Posted on Jun 25, 2012
Radical Something
Loggy, Josh Cocktail and DJ Big Red of Radical Something may be inveterate players, but there’s one page in their little black book they always seem to flip back to. On freshly-released single... More
Posted on Apr 25, 2012
Radical Something - Valentine (Cut Me Loose) Artwork
Right about now couples on the East Coast are just sitting down to a (almost assuredly) dinner, while my west coast lovers are showering in preparation for their own romantic rendezvous. But somewhere... More
Posted on Feb 14, 2012
Radical Something - We Are Nothing Cover
Cali crew Radical Something, a DJBooth.net fan-favorite for the past several months, have released their debut digital album, We Are Nothing, for free streaming and download. The set finds Loggy, Josh Cocktail and DJ Big Red... More
Posted on Sep 26, 2011
Radical Something - California Artwork
California Love, California Dreaming, California Girls (the Beach Boys song, the Katy Perry song and the David Lee Roth cover of the Beach Boys song), California King Bed, Phantom Planet’s... More
Posted on Jul 20, 2011
Radical Something - Escape Artwork
Song: Escape
At first blush, a laid-back political radical sounds like as much of a contradiction-in-terms as a square circle, or a lyrical Waka Flocka joint. Radical Something, however, are living proof that they... More
Posted on Jun 29, 2011
Editor's Pick
Radical Something ft. Kinetics - Be Easy Artwork
Song: Be Easy
On Radical Something‘s Booth debut, the Cali crew propose something radical—if the nine-to-five grind has you feeling stressed, why not step away from the laptop, power down your mobile phone,... More
Posted on Jun 16, 2011