Oddisee Song and Mixtape Downloads

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Ladi6 ft. Oddisee - Diamonds (Remix) Artwork

Ladi6 ft. Oddisee - Diamonds (Remix) [Song]

As an unsigned artist grinding her way up from the bottom, New Zealand’s Ladi6 can’t help but feel a little jealous of women whose rich fathers keep them dripping in jewels. Nonetheless, she knows that if she...Read More

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Oddisee - The Need Superficial Artwork

Oddisee - The Need Superficial [Song]

When you’ve got the attention of the almighty and ever knowing Google it’s safe to say that things are looking up for you. Thus, cue the entrance music for DMV’s own Oddisee, whose new single The Need...Read More

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Oddisee ft. Olivier Daysoul - You Know Who You Are (Acoustic) Artwork

Oddisee ft. Olivier Daysoul - You Know Who You Are (Acoustic) [Song]

I swear this Hip-Hop thing continues to impress me. Oddisee is the latest artist to add to the growing population of lyrical geniuses residing outside of the box and really making it work. With an acoustic rendition of his...Read More

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Oddisee - Hustle Off Artwork

Oddisee - Hustle Off [Song]

Many rappers would have you believe that they’re hustling 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Not only is that impossible—you’d pass out from sheer exhaustion inside of 11 days—but it’s...Read More

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Oddisee - Slow It Down Artwork

Oddisee - Slow It Down [Song]

I’ve had a pretty hectic past couple of days, so I really needed something to listen to that would help me slow down and just relax; thank God for Oddisee‘s Slow It Down. From his label’s forthcoming...Read More

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SmCity ft. Oddisee & Phil Ade - Mr. IDGAF Artwork

SmCity ft. Oddisee & Phil Ade - Mr. IDGAF [Song]

In the market for a f**k? Then you’re gonna want to look elsewhere, because nary a one is given on SmCity‘s latest effort (though perhaps, if you asked nicely, he could spare a sh*t or a damn). So proud of his...Read More

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Oddisee ft. Diamond District - For Certain [Song]

Nothing is For Certain but, when Oddisee steps into the Booth with a fresh feature, it’s a safe bet that the record in question is going to be dope. Thast certianly holds true for the DMV rapper/producer’s latest...Read More

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Oddisee ft. Olivier Daysoul - Mattered Much [Song]

Mello Music Group producer and emcee Oddisee has been a constant name across blog headlines for his consistent work, solo and otherwise. Recently, the DMV native released a new largely instrumental album, Rock Creek Park, in...Read More

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Oddisee ft. yU - Still Doing It Artwork

Oddisee ft. yU - Still Doing It [Song]

Fresh off rejoining forces with his Diamond District colleagues on X.O.‘s Tol’ U So, Oddisee enlists fellow crewmate yU for a fresh leak off his newly-released full-length. Over Odd’s own laid-back sample...Read More

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Apollo Brown

Apollo Brown ft. Oddisee - The Times [Song]

The Times, they are a’changin’. In the atmosphere of global unrest that has pervaded 2011 thus far, those seeking a symbol of hope and rebirth need only look towards (what will soon be) the Nation of Southern...Read More

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