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Nemo Achida ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Hands On Artwork

Nemo Achida ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Hands On [Song]

Snapchat, sexting and other technological innovations have made it easier than ever to get freaky without the muss and fuss of physical intimacy, but Nemo Achida still prefers the Hands On approach. On a brand new promotional...Read More

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Nemo Achida - Nemotional Cover

Nemo Achida - Nemotional [Album]

Lexington, Kentucky buzzmaker Nemo Achida has come together with The DJBooth to bring fans his latest street release, the Nemotional LP. The project finds the up-and-coming emcee sharing his perspective on love, music,... Read More

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Nemo Achida - Nemotional Artwork

Nemo Achida - Nemotional [Song]

To date the featured leaks off Nemo Achida‘s Booth-sponsored mixtape have been uniformly chill and laid-back—and what else would you expect from joints titled “Stoop Music” and “Wasting Time”? A glance at the...Read More

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Nemo Achida - Wasting Time Artwork

Nemo Achida - Wasting Time [Song]

There are plenty of rappers out there I can imagine tagging along with to an upscale club, and many I could picture passing me a blunt at a random house party, but Nemo Achida‘s one of the very few who I can see myself...Read More

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Nemo Achida - Stoop Music Artwork

Nemo Achida - Stoop Music [Song]

Ask any native west coaster what their favorite Stoop Music is and they’ll look at you with a blank stare: “You mean what’s my favorite Snoop music?” But those outside of Cali, like Nemo Achida, know exactly what...Read More

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Nemo Achida

Nemo Achida - John Stockton [Song]

Faithful, diligent and quietly effective, John Stockton may not have been the flashiest baller in the NBA, but his measured approach to the game brought him a level of success that was anything but modest. Looking to apply...Read More

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