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Muzi - Blood Artwork

Muzi - Blood [Song]

Maybe you missed Muzi‘s Somnolence Vol. II LP when it hit The DJBooth this past July. Maybe you didn’t even know you missed it till you read that last sentence. If that’s the case, count yourself lucky,...Read More

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Muzi - Experimental Artwork

Muzi - Experimental [Song]

Hip-Hop has always seemed to garner both criticism and praise due to the way in which it evolves from decade to decade, but if you really want to talk about a genre evolving then look no further than R&B. No longer...Read More

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Muzi - Jack of Hearts Artwork

Muzi - Jack of Hearts [Song]

If love always went smoothly, what would R&B artists have to sing about? A staff selection from Muzi‘s new Somnolence Vol. II album, the subdued yet powerful Jack Of Hearts contains both hints of hope and mourning...Read More

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Muzi - Somnolence Vol. II Cover

Muzi - Somnolence Vol. II [Album]

Last July, we introduced the world to Atlanta buzzmaker Muzi and his free album Somnolence. Now, a little more than a year later, we are re-introducing the singer/songwriter with sequel project Somnolence Vol. II. Produced... Read More

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Novel ft. Muzi - Heat The Night Artwork

Novel ft. Muzi - Heat The Night [Song]

Whether or not Novel was thinking about John Ball’s classic novel In the Heat of the Night when he wrote standout selection Heat the Night or not, the two do share some qualities, namely an exploration of the pressures and...Read More

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Muzi - Superhuman Artwork

Muzi - Superhuman [Song]

There’s nothing like being in love to make you feel like you can accomplish anything. Except maybe a handful of Adderall, or a few lines of cocaine—neurochemically speaking, it’s pretty much the same difference....Read More

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Muzi - Secret Song [Song]

It goes without saying that, if you’re trying to keep something under wraps, recording a song about it, releasing it as part of a mixtape on, and then proceeding to leak the record for those who...Read More

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Shoden!1 Presents: Muzi - Somnolence Cover

Shoden!1 Presents: Muzi - Somnolence [Album]

Atlanta buzzmaker Muzi has joined forces with to bring listeners his debut street release, Somnolence. Presented by beatsmith Shoden!1, the project finds the currently-unsigned singer/songwriter showcasing his... Read More

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Muzi ft. Aleon Craft & Spree Wilson - Cold Machine [Song]

Whether it’s Prince waxing poetic about the allure of a Little Red Corvette or UGK admitting that women “...ain’t tripping on me, they wanna f*ck my car,” artists through the ages have recognized the erotic...Read More

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Novel ft. Muzi - Celebrate [Song]

Novel’s never been one to shy away from revealing the details of his personal life – name another artist who puts out songs about his depression prone mother – but on the ATL to L.A. singer, producer, songrwriter...Read More

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Muzi ft. Novel - Dear Heartbeat [Song]

I know, I know: y’all are sick to death of restlessly-creative, genre-defying A-Town hopefuls. Oh? You’re not tired of that? Well, damn, that’s convenient—because today, another fresh ATL singer/songwriter...Read More

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