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¡MAYDAY! & MURS - ¡MursDay! Cover

¡MAYDAY! & MURS - ¡MursDay! [Album]

I hate needles, blood makes me want to puke, and I can barely handle "Game Of Thrones"' violence, let alone, you know, real life injuries. So, naturally, the emergency room was the first place I went to check out the new... Read Full Review

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You could always tell which middle school kids would still be into Hip-Hop 10 or 20 years later. If you saw a kid beatbox, use pens on the desk like drumsticks, or pound hands on the gym floor, someone who could dance or rap...Read More

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Murs - The Pain Is Gone Artwork

Murs - The Pain Is Gone [Song]

Last we featured MURS, he was celebrating the Yuletide on CREAM (Christmas Rules Everything Around Me). Two weeks into the new year, the West Coast stalwart’s feeling considerably less merry, and it’s all thanks...Read More

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Kosha Dillz ft. Gangsta Boo & MURS - Where My Homies Be Artwork

Kosha Dillz ft. Gangsta Boo & MURS - Where My Homies Be [Song]

Kosha Dillz may be a little Awkward, but that hasn’t stopped him from accumulating one of the most diverse circles of “rapper friends” in the industry. On newly-released LP single Where My Homies Be, the Jersey/Cali...Read More

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MURS & Fashawn - Slash Gordan Artwork

MURS & Fashawn - Slash Gordan [Song]

What’s better than rappers doing a collabo album? Well…pho, Shock Top beer, college football, and a couple other things I can’t name, but that’s about it. If you’re also a fan of collab albums...Read More

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AWAR ft. Nottz, MURS & P Jericho - Until The End Artwork

AWAR ft. Nottz, MURS & P Jericho - Until The End [Song]

If you know anything about underground hip-hop, you know that when you see a line-up featuring AWAR, Nottz, MURS and P Jericho, you’re in for some dopeness. And if you don’t know anything about underground hip-hop,...Read More

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MURS - Gods Gone Crazy [Song]

With all the insane sh*t going on across the world, it’s starting to seem like Gods Gone Crazy—if he/she/it/they were even out there to begin with. On the inaugural leak off his brand new full-length, underground...Read More

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The Sleepwalkers ft. Tunji, MURS & Noah King - One Artwork

The Sleepwalkers ft. Tunji, MURS & Noah King - One [Song]

Been digging the album leaks The Sleepwalkers have been throwing our way for the past couple weeks? Well, today is your lucky day, because the L.A. beat crew is back with another One. This time around, the headliners enlist...Read More

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Dee-1 ft. Murs & Syreeta Neal - Ridin’ by Myself [Song]

For some, cruising the interstate on one’s lonesome is, well, lonesome. For others, like New Orleans emcee Dee-1, there’s no better company when one’s looking to decompress from the daily grind than the open...Read More

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MURS x Terrace Martin - It’s No Surprise Artwork

MURS x Terrace Martin - It’s No Surprise [Song]

As far as I’m aware, there are no recorded instances of a rapper stealing a dude’s girlfriend through the medium of online music. But, guys, if you flip on MURS and Terrace Martin‘s latest feature, and 15...Read More

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Murs - Varsity Blues 2 [Song]

Don’t be afraid children, James Van Der Beek will not be screaming with a backwoods accent in this blurb (by the way, only about 89% of the south actually speaks like that). This Varsity Blues 2 is much better than any...Read More

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Get Busy Committee

Get Busy Committee ft. Xzibit, Paul Wall, Murs & Brevi - Dancin’ on Ya Grave (Remix) [Song]

Sure, with a title like Dancin’ on Ya Grave you knew this record would be mean, but you couldn’t have possibly guessed just how mean until you pressed play on Get Busy Committee’s new offering, which finds Xzibit,...Read More

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