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Marky - Higher Ground Artwork

Marky - Higher Ground [Song]

It’s been two years and change since Marky soared Up, up & Away, leaving the Booth far behind. Today, he finally touches back down on our pages, but don’t get it twisted; as evidenced by the title of his...Read More

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Marky - Up, up and Away Artwork

Marky - Up, up and Away [Song]

While Marky has parted ways with Universal since last we saw him back in May, he hasn’t let that shift in the weather change his plans; as far as the DMV buzzmaker’s concerned, he’s still in the fast lane,...Read More

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Marky ft. Josh Stevens - I Triumph Artwork

Marky ft. Josh Stevens - I Triumph [Song]

When you’ve got the gods on your side, is it any surprise when you crush the competition? Fresh off releasing his Divine Intervention street album via Audiomack, Marky steps into the Booth to tell us just how dope his...Read More

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Marky - Divine Intervention Cover

Marky - Divine Intervention [Album]

DMV rhymesayer Marky is offering up his latest street release, the Divine Intervention  mixtape, for free streaming and digital download via the new music sharing website Audiomack. Representative of a turning point in... Read More

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Marky - Ya’ Heard Me [Song]

When Marky‘s in the building, “any given day is the Fourth of July.” What precisely does that mean? After listening to the newly-leaked Ya Heard Me, I’m not precisely sure—but that doesn’t...Read More

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Marky ft. Asher Roth - Can We Chill [Song]

They say you should only rap about what you know. In Pusha T’s case that means rapping about moving massive amounts of cocaine, in Kanye’s case that means rapping about himself and in Marky’s case having sex without any...Read More

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Marky - By Any Means Artwork

Marky - By Any Means [Song]

If you’re the leader, pioneer, trailblazer, go-getter type, you doubtless already went and got and PUMA‘s acclaimed compilation EP, Uncontested. For those lagging behind the curve, though, it’s...Read More

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Marky - DC for Japan [Song]

Reader fave (and freestyle series alum) Marky takes his latest Booth feature as an opportunity to draw listeners’ attention back to the plight of Japanese citizens struggling to recover from March’s natural...Read More

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Marky - The Markwilder Show Cover

Marky - The Markwilder Show [Album]

Washington D.C. up-and-comer (and freestyle series alumnus) Marky and veteran beatsmith Rockwilder have joined forces with to bring fans their latest street release, The Markwilder Show. Described by the emcee as... Read More

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Marky - Cabaret Artwork

Marky - Cabaret [Song]

DC representative and freestyle series alum Marky is back with the latest leak off his forthcoming mixtape with producer Rockwilder. Instead of dancers, lounge acts and comedy, Cabaret is nothing but horns and spitfire...Read More

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Marky ft. XV - Is It Cool to F**k? Artwork

Marky ft. XV - Is It Cool to F**k? [Song]

To ask, or not to ask? Asking at the wrong moment can wreck the mood completely, but if you don’t ask, how will you know for sure? On his latest mixtape leak, DMV repper Marky takes a tongue-in-cheek look at that...Read More

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Marky - Monsters [Song]

Ok, fine. So we’re a little tardy putting this song out (What? A website can’t be fashionably late?), but this one was just too good to pass up. Booth regular Marky is at it again, this time putting out Read More

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Marky - Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2 Cover

Marky - Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2 [Album]

Reader favorite (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) Marky has hooked up with and Kevin Nottingham to bring fans the second entry in his ongoing EP trilogy, Journey to Markyland, USA. Rest Stop 2 features... Read More

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Marky - Marky Said Knock You Out [Song]

The 40th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Marky, the up-and-coming emcee who brought us Sheila (I Want Her) and the reader-acclaimed Delusional.  The D.C. native, who flows over an industry...Read More

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