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Joey Bada$$ - Pantie Raid Pt. II Artwork
Back in 2012, on a track off mixtape compilation Rejex, Joey BadA$$ did his best impresison of a 1950s frat boy and conducted a Pantie Raid on a woman of his acquaintance (who was only too willing to... More
Posted on Feb 10, 2014
Joey Bada$$ ft. Smoke DZA - Death of YOLO Artwork
Featuring: Smoke DZA
You heard it here first, Booth readers: Joey Bada$$ has laid mainstream rap’s most ubiquitous catchphrase to rest, once and for all. OK, maybe not. Though this cut, a staff-selected standout off... More
Posted on Jul 01, 2013
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Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights Cover
Rising B.K. rhymesayer Joey Bada$$ has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Summer Knights LP. The artist's first release since December 2012's Pro.Era-assisted PEEP: The Aprocalype, the set was... More
Posted on Jul 01, 2013
Joey Bada$$ ft. Kirk Knight - Amethyst Rockstar Artwork
Featuring: Kirk Knight
Next week, barring any further unexpected delays, Joey BadA$$ will be unleashing his latest street album upon the listening populace. Recognizing how long, and how ardently his loyal fans have been... More
Posted on Jun 26, 2013
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Joey Bada$$ - 95 Til Infinity Artwork
They say every cloud has a silver lining, and Joey Bada$$ fans need to know this now more than ever. While they might be upset that the Pro.Era emcee’s forthcoming project, the Summer Knights LP,... More
Posted on Jun 13, 2013
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Joey Bada$$ - Word Is Bond Artwork
Joey BadA$$’ dense, allusive lyricism may require the occasional RapGenius visit to untangle, but he’s never simply playing with words. On the first single off his next street release, the... More
Posted on May 29, 2013
Joey BadA$$
Featuring: Action Bronson
Song: B.A.R'd
Between missing my daily 8:30am class more than I would like to admit and having the messiest dorm room ever, I think it’s safe to say I did not act like a college ready freshman. While some of... More
Posted on May 05, 2013
Joey BadA$$ - Day in the Life Artwork
More than any other individual artist, Brooklyn wunderkind Joey BadA$$ is emblematic of the recent revitalization of the Big Apple hip-hop scene. It’s only right, then, that the Unorthodox emcee... More
Posted on Apr 04, 2013
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Joey BadA$$ - Unorthodox Artwork
Showcasing an agile, brainy lyrical style over beats that sound like they hopped a time machine from the 1990s, Joey BadA$$ is unique among hip-hop’s current freshman class. That Unorthodox... More
Posted on Mar 07, 2013
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Joey BadA$$ and PRO ERA - PEEP: The Aprocalypse Cover
This past Friday, December 21, the world did not come to end despite the Mayans ultimate prediction that 12/21/12 would mean the end of days. Tragically, however, three days later, the end has come for PRO ERA member Capital... More
Posted on Dec 24, 2012
Joey BadA$$ ft. CJ Fly - Don’t Front Artwork
Featuring: CJ Fly
Fresh off the arrival of his highly-anticipated new street album, Joey BADA$$ returns to our pages with a Booth staff-selected standout off the acclaimed project. On Don’t Front, Boston... More
Posted on Jun 14, 2012
Joey BadA$$ - 1999 Cover
Pro Era crew member and Brooklyn native Joey BadA$$ has released his debut project, 1999. The free digital release includes previously-feature stand out cuts “Waves,” “Survival Tactics” and... More
Posted on Jun 13, 2012
Bryant Dope ft. Perrion & Joey Bada$$ - New World Order Artwork
Featuring: Joey BadA$$
The New World Order is coming, and at its head will be a trio of emcees hailing from the Big Apple’s foremost hip-hop ‘hoods. The latest promo single from Bryant Dope finds the Queens... More
Posted on Jun 11, 2012
Joey BadA$$ - Daily Routine Artwork
On May 10, 2012, Yours and Adidas invited Joey BADA$$ to Brooklyn’s Dunham Studios to create a brand new record for their Songs From Scratch series. Today, we’re proud to present... More
Posted on Jun 07, 2012
Joey BadA$$ - Waves Artwork
Song: Waves
Fresh off wowing Booth readers with his first feature, mixtape leak Survival Tactics, Joey BadA$$ returns to make some more Waves with the follow-up. Here, a smooth, lightly-funky industry... More
Posted on Mar 01, 2012