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ICON - Kick A Hole Artwork

ICON - Kick A Hole [Song]

A message to all emcees: If you plan on sampling Rakim, you must come correct. Should you need an example, look no further than Kick A Hole, the latest single from ICON. On the emcee’s first Booth feature since Find A...Read More

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ICON - Find a Way Artwork

ICON - Find a Way [Song]

While mass killings have long been an unfortunate fact of American life, the tragic events of Friday, December 14, seem to have been a cultural turning point; now more than ever, the public is determined to Find a Way to...Read More

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ICON - Against All Odds (I Don’t Care) Artwork

ICON - Against All Odds (I Don’t Care) [Song]

I’m no statistician, but I’d estimate the likelihood of any individual rap hopeful climbing to the top of the game as somewhere below that same emcee getting struck by lightning on the way to their next show. But...Read More

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