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G-Scott - The Butterfly Effect Artwork

G-Scott - The Butterfly Effect [Song]

As popularized in the 2004 Ashton Kutcher vehicle of the same name, chaos theory’s concept of The Butterfly Effect suggests that an event as seemingly inconsequential as a butterfly beating its wings can have massive...Read More

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G-Scott - Epiphany Artwork

G-Scott - Epiphany [Song]

Usually, an Epiphany involves suddenly seeing something in a new and unprecedented light. On his latest feature, the lead single off G-Scott‘s forthcoming full-length Another Weekend in Los Vegas, the Gary, Indiana...Read More

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G-Scott - High Voltage Artwork

G-Scott - High Voltage [Song]

G-Scott is the third rail of the hip-hop game—if you touch the Gary, Indiana rhymesayer, you’re liable to get f**ked up and stay that way. On High Voltage, the official lead single off his next street release, Scott...Read More

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G-Scott - Adult Swim [Song]

When you think of notable hip-hop producers, Flying Lotus might not be the first name that comes to mind. Sure, the grandnephew of John Coltrane is a exceptional beatsmith, but his experimental boardwork doesn’t exactly...Read More

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G-Scott - 1983 Cover

G-Scott - 1983 [Album]

Gary, Indiana underground buzzmaker G-Scott has come together with The DJBooth and 3B Entertainment to bring listeners his latest digital full-length, 1983. The follow-up to summer 2012's Weekend in Los Vegas, the... Read More

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A.J. Crew ft. G-Scott - Y.F.U. Artwork

A.J. Crew ft. G-Scott - Y.F.U. [Song]

A.J Crew’s new single, Y.F.U, is an acronym for “You F**kin’ Up”, but after one listen its clear that he isn’t the one who might need the help. Crew not only contributes two charismatic verses, but he also...Read More

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G-Scott ft. Njomza - Fool’s Gold Artwork

G-Scott ft. Njomza - Fool’s Gold [Song]

Fans of Gary, Indiana lyricist G-Scott may have become well acquainted with the emcee’s knack for street storytelling, but on his newest song release the rapper takes a much different approach. Titled Fool’s Gold,...Read More

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G-Scott - Lightshow Artwork

G-Scott - Lightshow [Song]

Can you blame a red-blooded male for being dazzled by the coruscating curves on display at his local strip joint? To answer my own rhetorical question, yes, you can—in fact, women do so every day. But I have a feeling fans...Read More

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Ibn Inglor ft. G-Scott - Lordy Lord Artwork

Ibn Inglor ft. G-Scott - Lordy Lord [Song]

From Hail Mary to Amen to New God Flow, we’ve had no shortage of heavenly rap arrive on The DJBooth lately. For his new single (and DJBooth world premiere) Lordy Lord Chicago representer Ibn Inglor leans on co-producers...Read More

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G-Scott ft. Ibn Inglor - 4 Finger Ring Raps Artwork

G-Scott ft. Ibn Inglor - 4 Finger Ring Raps [Song]

With a record titled 4 Finger Ring Raps, which just so happens to be featured on a forthcoming album that dons the name 1983, you would expect rapper G-Scott‘s latest effort to be an absolute eighty’s...Read More

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G-Scott - The Introspective Theory [Song]

When most heads think of Gary, Indiana hip-hop, they think of Freddie Gibbs and… yeah, Freddie Gibbs. Soon, however, we might have to add another name to the short list of Gary success stories—that of G-Scott, a...Read More

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