E.M.S. (En Masse Sodality) Song and Mixtape Downloads

E.M.S. - Age of Discontent Vol. 1 Cover
In conjunction with the project's release, Jersey's E.M.S. crew is offering its long-awaited studio debut, A.O.D. Vol. 1, for full, free streaming and direct download in The DJBooth. Engulfed in originality, A.O.D. Vol. 1 is... More
Posted 6 months ago
E.M.S. (En Masse Sodality) - Primary Fabrics Artwork
Next month, at long last, E.M.S. (En Masse Sodality) will liberate its debut studio album. To build anticipation for the set, the Jersey natives have unleashed Primary Fabrics, a fashion-forward lead... More
Posted 7 months ago
E.M.S. Crew - Crime in the City Artwork
In a scene from the documentary Style Wars, prominently sampled in the intro to Black Star classic Respiration, graffiti writer Skeem describes a two-car piece that read, “All you see is Crime in... More
Posted one year ago
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