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Elite - Level Up Cover

Elite - Level Up [Album]

Elite, the emcee and producer who brought us Awaken in 2011, and co-produced J. Cole's hit single "Crooked Smile" earlier this year, has released his latest project, Level Up. Included on the free, 13-track street album are... Read More

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Elite ft. Sean McVerry - Game 7 Artwork

Elite ft. Sean McVerry - Game 7 [Song]

With his latest street album less than a week away from release, Dreamville emcee/producer Elite returns to our pages with a brand new single off the set. In stark contrast to October’s Do She Got a Friend Tho?, which...Read More

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Elite ft. Bas - Do She Got a Friend Tho? Artwork

Elite ft. Bas - Do She Got a Friend Tho? [Song]

On Let Nas Down, a standout off Born Sinner, J. Cole relived the pain of getting cut down to size by one of his musical idols, flowing over a sax-laced snippet from Fela Kuti and The Afrika 40’s Gentleman. He...Read More

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Omen ft. Voli & Elite - Brooklyn Lager Artwork

Omen ft. Voli & Elite - Brooklyn Lager [Song]

Last we heard from Omen, it was November 2011 and the rapper/producer had joined forces with rap heavyweight J. Cole to share some parental wisdom on promo single Mama Told Me. Just over a year later, on a standout off his...Read More

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Elite - Grand Piano [Song]

As much as various flavors of synths have defined hip-hop’s sound, there’s no beating the majestic resonance of the Grand Piano. Elite knows exactly what I’m talking about; on his latest effort, the NYC...Read More

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Bas ft. Elite - Teterboro Artwork

Bas ft. Elite - Teterboro [Song]

We had to wait nearly a year between Bas’ first DJBooth feauture, Legendary, and his second feature, Nothin’ Is Free, but the NYC emcee is obviously prepared to pick up the pace, hitting us again just days later...Read More

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Elite - Dreamer [Song]

Wondering what’s been on Elite‘s mind since last we heard from him back in early December? Wonder no longer—on Dreamer, an outtake from his Booth-sponsored debut street album, the Connecticut rapper/producer...Read More

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Elite - Watch Me [Song]

Fresh off the November release of his new, Booth-sponsored street album, Elite returns to bring us a fresh record that didn’t make the cut. On Watch Me, The Academy‘s DJay Cas handles production duties, cooking up...Read More

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D1 ft. Elite - Rehab Artwork

D1 ft. Elite - Rehab [Song]

There are no shortage of programs out there for those fighting a drug addiction, but what happens when the habit you’re trying to kick isn’t a chemical substance, but a dysfunctional relationship? Such is the...Read More

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Elite ft. J. Cole - World Premiere Artwork

Elite ft. J. Cole - World Premiere [Song]

Like many rappers, Elite likes to emphasize the action-packed nature of his grind by comparing his daily life to a movie. Rolling with that metaphor, then, you can think of the DreamVille affiliate’s just-released,...Read More

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Elite - Awaken Cover

Elite - Awaken [Album]

Rapper/producer Elite has hooked up with The DJBooth to bring listeners his first free digital release, the Awaken mixtape. The project features 17 original cuts from the Connecticut buzzmaker, including previously-featured,... Read More

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Elite - Last Round [Song]

Fitting that after the World Series kicked off last night between the Texas Rangers and the St.Louis Cardinals, Connecticut representer Elite has released the latest cut off of his forthcoming debut, Last Round. On the heels...Read More

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Elite - Everybody But Me Artwork

Elite - Everybody But Me [Song]

A little isolation is part and parcel of being Elite—after all, it gets lonely at the top. Nonetheless, it’s hard not to feel for the Connecticut rapper/producer (and frequent J. Cole collaborator), who describes...Read More

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Elite - Gone Artwork

Elite - Gone [Song]

Though the Connecticut native has recently earned renown for his co-production on J. Cole‘s Return of Simba, it’s been a minute since we heard Elite rock the mic on a new solo feature. Today, he officially steps...Read More

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Elite - Lock Down Artwork

Elite - Lock Down [Song]

The 228th entry in DJBooth.net and StreetAmmo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Elite, the Connecticut native who earned reader acclaim for Sing My Song as well as assisting Jon Connor on Keep Your Head. On...Read More

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Jon Connor ft. Elite - Keep Your Head Artwork

Jon Connor ft. Elite - Keep Your Head [Song]

Whether in the streets, the music game or… well, anything, really, the difference between success and self-destruction often comes down to the ability to Keep Your Head when others are losing theirs. Well-prepared for...Read More

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Elite - Sing My Song Artwork

Elite - Sing My Song [Song]

Some are in it for the money, some for the girls. Some are in it for the paparazzi flashes, or vacations on yachts, or the glory of seeing their name on DJBooth. Elite? Elite just wants to Sing My Song. Perhaps best known as...Read More

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