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e-dubble - The Cause Artwork

e-dubble - The Cause [Song]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising...Read More

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e-dubble - No Rest For The Wicked Artwork

e-dubble - No Rest For The Wicked [Song]

An often overlooked reality is that artists are fans, too. Just like you or I, emcees and producers find daily inspiration in their fellow artists just as much as the average fan. Case in point, DMV ambassador e-dubble. After...Read More

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e-dubble - Jailbreak Artwork

e-dubble - Jailbreak [Song]

Not to worry, readers: e-dubble‘s penchant for microphone murder hasn’t landed him behind bars. With that said, any rapper would be proud to stand behind the bars he spits on Jailbreak, the latest entry in his...Read More

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e-dubble - Big Ships Artwork

e-dubble - Big Ships [Song]

e-dubble‘s boat may not be the most capacious in the metaphorical ocean, but it manages to keep him afloat while Big Ships are sinking around him. The latest entry in the Baltimore-by-way-of-Philly emcee’s First...Read More

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e-dubble - Plan A Artwork

e-dubble - Plan A [Song]

No matter how much prep or forethought goes into something, it is always best to have a plan B, but when you can spit like e-dubble, you really only need a Plan A. Nobody knows e-dubble’s style better than himself, which is...Read More

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e-dubble - Plot Twist Artwork

e-dubble - Plot Twist [Song]

With a title like Plot Twist, e-dubble‘s latest record must feature some shocking revelation that will force listeners to look at the rest of his oeuvre in a new context, right? Well, sort of—while the inaugural entry...Read More

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e-dubble - Honor’s Bio Artwork

e-dubble - Honor’s Bio [Song]

As e-dubble‘s past features have demonstrated, his grueling regimen of grinding and partying leaves little opportunity for downtime. Be that as it may, the Baltimore rhymesayer found a spare moment for introspection...Read More

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e-dubble - Fight for Days Artwork

e-dubble - Fight for Days [Song]

Though the Baltimore representer’s last feature saw e-dubble espousing a decidedly hedonistic life philosophy, don’t think for a second that he lets his vices get in the way of his grind. On the contrary,...Read More

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e-dubble - Life Coach Artwork

e-dubble - Life Coach [Song]

In the market for a Life Coach who won’t give you a hard time for your pet vices? e-dubble is your man. On his latest promo single, the B-more native blesses our eardrums with a little worldly wisdom, lacing his own...Read More

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e-dubble ft. Kom - My Last Dream Artwork

e-dubble ft. Kom - My Last Dream [Song]

While hybrids are gaining more and more attention in our current economic climate (who wants half a paycheck going towards gas?), the music industry has also seen an increase in artists packing hybrid styles. With the...Read More

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e-dubble - rebuild Artwork

e-dubble - rebuild [Song]

Some artists prefer to stay within a nice, comfy box—not e-dubble. As the B-more repper explains on his latest promo single, originally released this past Friday, he’s made it his mission to break down all all...Read More

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