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Dion Primo ft. Marian Mereba - Withdrawal Artwork

Dion Primo ft. Marian Mereba - Withdrawal [Song]

On his last solo feature, the title track off his forthcoming full-length, Dion Primo revealed that his relationship with the music is often far from harmonious. The project’s latest single, Withdrawal, finds the emcee...Read More

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Dion Primo - H.O.M.E Artwork

Dion Primo - H.O.M.E [Song]

If your typical artist’s relationship with music were a romantic one, “functional” would be the last word you’d use to describe it: one partner demands the lion’s share of the other’s time...Read More

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Dion Primo - Colors Artwork

Dion Primo - Colors [Song]

It’s easy to act like a stand-up guy when nothing’s on the line but, when an unintended pregnancy enters the picture, fellas show their true Colors. On the lead single off his forthcoming street release, Atlanta...Read More

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Emilio Rojas

Emilio Rojas ft. Dion Primo & Ashanti The Mad Violinist - Look at Me Now [Song]

Quick quiz: What’s the only thing better than $100? $200. What’s the only thing better than a lap dance from a beautiful woman? A lapdance from two beautiful women. (Or so I hear.) And what’s the only thing better than...Read More

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