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J57 ft. Von Pea, Charlie Smarts, Andrew Thomas, Jefferson Price - Do Earth Artwork
Artist: J57
Featuring: Von Pea | Charlie Smarts
I don’t know why people think this hip-hop sh*t is so complicated. Forget the co-signs and viral marketing campaigns and hit singles. It’s been the same since Kool Herc was spinning block parties;... More
Posted on Nov 09, 2011
Phonte x King Mez x Charlie Smarts - In the 336 Artwork
Artist: Phonte
Featuring: King Mez | Charlie Smarts
Wondering how they do it “In the 336? You’ve come to the right place—on the inaugural leak off The Dropouts’ forthcoming compilation album, three of Greenboro, North... More
Posted on Aug 26, 2011
Charlie Smarts
Since Little Brother set the underground on fire with The Listening in 2003, people have had their eyes and ears bent towards the Carolinas hoping to find more quality artists and sounds.  The... More
Posted on Jul 07, 2011
Charlie Smarts
Song: AC
If you told me a few years ago that the Carolinas would be churning out promising artists like Diddy churns out swag, I would have not believed a word. However, with talent like Cole World, Righchus,... More
Posted on Jun 30, 2011
Charlie Smarts
Hip-hop has seen some unlikely homages over the years – Laws’ recent Paul McCartney tribute album and Lil B’s infamous ode to Ellen Degeneres come to mind – but until someone shows me... More
Posted on Jun 22, 2011
Charlie Smarts - Torture Artwork
Song: Torture
Nasir Jones stated on Bridging The Gap that “the blues came from gospel, gospel from blues.” Essentially, hip-hop came from those, mixed with a little rock ‘n roll, reggae and disco and... More
Posted on Jun 13, 2011
J. Capri
Artist: J. Capri
Featuring: Charlie Smarts
J. Capri‘s last Booth feature may have found the emcee getting Empowered over a hard-hitting beat by Johnny Juliano, but don’t think for a second that he does what he does simply to... More
Posted on Mar 22, 2011
Charlie Smarts - The Skin (Feel It All Around Remix) Artwork
Though North Carolina’s Kooley High have been semi-regular visitors to our front page, crew member Charlie Smarts hasn’t had a solo feature since – damn – all the way back in August of... More
Posted on Feb 24, 2011