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Charles Hamilton - I Don’t Care Artwork

Charles Hamilton - I Don’t Care [Song]

Contrary to those who thought Charles Hamilton was down for the count, Charles Hamilton proves that rumors of his career’s demise are greatly exaggerated with the release of his latest album inclusion. On I Don’t...Read More

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Charles Hamilton - All Alone Artwork

Charles Hamilton - All Alone [Song]

Charles Hamilton is many things, but he is never boring. About a week or so after the-boy-who-called-everything revealed he had cancer, Hamilton drops the (seemingly) appropriately titled single, All Alone. But if you were...Read More

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Woody ft. Charles Hamilton & XV - Make Believe Artwork

Woody ft. Charles Hamilton & XV - Make Believe [Song]

When you have a track with two well known emcees backing up someone less known for their vocal work, there’s always concern for the possibility of Diddy Syndrome (one guy without any talent manages to bring down the entire...Read More

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