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Bryant Dope - Raw Dope 2 Cover
Album: Raw Dope 2
If you're looking to adopt a new favorite artist, you might want to pencil Bryant Dope into the top spot on your list. If you're on the fence, however, the Queens native's Raw Dope 2 should help seal the deal. The project, a... More
Posted 3 weeks ago
Bryant Dope - Shoutout To Me Artwork
Album: Raw Dope 2
Sometimes you just have to take a minute and let the world know that you’re the shit. On Shoutout To Me, the third single off his upcoming project, Bryant Dope does just that. The Queens... More
Posted about 4 weeks ago
Bryant Dope - Dark Days Artwork
Ever had one of those days when you get up on the wrong side of the bed, and sh*t just goes downhill from there? If so, you’re guaranteed to identify with Bryant Dope‘s latest... More
Posted 7 months ago
Hannibal King ft. Adrian Lau & Bryant Dope - Fast Way Artwork
Featuring: Adrian Lau | Bryant Dope
Album: Floral Print
Has it really been five years since we caught underground beatsmith Hannibal King Eating Cornbread on the Millennium Falcon? Since I can’t resist answering my own rhetorical questions,... More
Posted about 8 months ago
Bryant Dope - The Best Part Artwork
You know that moment when you’re right on the precipice of a new relationship? “When you’re not in love but kind of in love, kind of wanna know where this feeling came from”? If you... More
Posted 8 months ago
Bryant Dope - Field Of Dreams Artwork
In the 1989 drama Field of Dreams, a farmer played by Kevin Costner builds a baseball diamond in a cornfield, which somehow ends up attracting the specters of numerous late, great players. I... More
Posted 11 months ago
Bryant Dope x Hannibal King ft. ANTHM - NNY Artwork
Featuring: ANTHM
Song: NNY
Established by Dutch colonists way back in 1624, New York City ain’t exactly “New” anymore. Queens natives Bryant Dope and Hannibal King may not have the means to found a whole new... More
Posted one year ago
Bryant Dope - QB Artwork
Song: QB
Considering the insane amount of emcee-producer collaborations that takes place in the rap game, we rarely if ever get to enjoy an entire project’s that is emceed by one emcee and produced by one... More
Posted 2 years ago
Bryant Dope - Champion Sound Artwork
On classic ‘95 single Sound Bwoy Burreil, Smif-N-Wessun‘s Tek threw down a gauntlet in front of sucker emcees everywhere, taunting, “You can’t test the Champion Sound, you... More
Posted 2 years ago
Bryant Dope ft. Perrion & Joey Bada$$ - New World Order Artwork
Featuring: Joey BadA$$
The New World Order is coming, and at its head will be a trio of emcees hailing from the Big Apple’s foremost hip-hop ‘hoods. The latest promo single from Bryant Dope finds the Queens... More
Posted 2 years ago
Bryant Dope - Hillside Artwork
Update: Click “Watch Now” above to view Bryant Dope’s self-directed Hillside video. Introduced to the Booth via November’s acclaimed mixtape title track Queens Kids, Bryant... More
Posted 2 years ago
Bryant Dope - Queens Kids Artwork
Spawning Nas, LL Cool J, Rakim and many more, Queens is one of the most influental boroughs on the hip-hop map—and Bryant Dope isn’t about to let you forget it. On newly-leaked mixtape... More
Posted 3 years ago
Bryant Dope
Featuring: Talib Kweli
While today’s Booth lineup offers no shortage of upbeat, encouraging tunes (see Pugs Atomz’ live-with-no-regrets cut Faded and Parable‘s grind-chronicling That Feelin’),... More
Posted 4 years ago
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