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Bop Alloy - Another Day in the Life Of… Cover

Bop Alloy - Another Day in the Life Of… [Album]

Baltimore emcee Substantial and beatsmith Marcus D, together known as Bop Alloy, have released their sophomore collaborative full-length, Another Day in the Life Of... The project finds Substantial exploring a variety of... Read More

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Bop Alloy - The R & R (Remixes & Revisions) Cover

Bop Alloy - The R & R (Remixes & Revisions) [Album]

The R & R (Remixes & Revisions), is the new release from Substantial & Marcus D, collectively known as Bop Alloy. The follow up features remixes of songs from their debut album, Substantial & Marcus D,... Read More

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Bop Alloy - The R & R (DJ JAV Remix) Artwork

Bop Alloy - The R & R (DJ JAV Remix) [Song]

To celebrate the release of their new project, The R & R (Remixes & Revisions), fearless hip-hop duo Bop Alloy, comprised of Marcus D and Substantial, recruited the equally creative DJ JAV to put together a more than...Read More

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Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D) - Chillaxation [Song]

When you want to, say, build a bridge that won’t rust and fall apart, you use steel – an alloy of iron and carbon much more durable than either of its component parts. Similarly, when you’re looking to strike a...Read More

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